How to change or remove the band on your Apple Watch

How to change or remove the band on your Apple Watch

Whether you’re cleaning your Apple Watch band or updating it to a new one, removing the band from your watch is a simple process that should only take a few seconds. Regardless of which Apple Watch series you own, the process for removing the band is the same.

Note, according to Apple, that “38mm and 40mm case straps are compatible with each other and 42mm and 44mm case straps are compatible with each other.” The dimensions of the Apple Watch case and straps are located on the back of the straps, but be warned: the text is really small.

Here are the steps to remove or change the band from your Apple Watch.

1. Remove the watch from your wrist

To remove the band, you will need to access the back of the watch, so take a deep breath and remove the device from your wrist.

2. Push down on the lock release button and hold it down

Press the release button to remove the band from the Apple Watch.

Both the top and bottom bands click on your Apple Watch using the same type of lock located on both sides of the watch. Press this lock button and hold it down …

3. Slide the band in both directions

While pressing the release button, slide the band outward.

While holding the lock button, slide the band in both directions. It should slide easily enough, but sometimes the band doesn’t release immediately. If this happens, Apple suggests pressing the lock button again and making sure you hold it down firmly.

4. Replace the band by sliding the band back through the channel

Once the band is released, you can now clean it or replace it with another band. The text on the band, which indicates the case size on the top band and the band size on the bottom band, should be facing you as you slide it back into the watch. You should hear a click and feel the band snap into place.

The text at the top indicates the size of the watch case and the text at the bottom shows the size of the band.

Whenever I remove the band from my Apple Watch, I like to clean my watch with a little rubbing alcohol or mild soap and a cotton swab.

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