How to change the default search engine on Android

How to change the default search engine on Android

The combination of a smartphone or tablet and a search engine makes it easy to find anything in a snap. If you have an Android device, you may think that the search engine must be Google, but it isn’t. Here’s how to change the default search engine on Android.

Google’s services are very deeply integrated into Android devices, but that doesn’t mean they are needs to use them. Google Search is no exception. You can easily change the default search engine with a third party provider.

Change the default search engine in Chrome

To do this, you will need to target the places where you do your research. For most people, it’s the web browser. Google Chrome is the web browser available on all Android devices, so we’ll start there.

Open Google Chrome on your Android device. Tap the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner.

  • Select “Settings” from the menu.
  • Tap “Search Engine”.
  • Choose one of the search engines from the list.

Chrome is just a web browser that you can use on an Android device. Virtually every browser will have the ability to choose a default search engine. Make sure you explore the settings in whatever browser you use.

Change the Google home screen widget

Another common way people access a search engine on their Android device is through a home screen widget. The Google Search widget is included by default on many phones and tablets.

Unless you’re using Google’s launcher on Pixel devices, you can simply remove the Google search widget and replace it with one from your favorite search engine app.

  • First, we will remove the Google search widget. Start by long pressing on the bar.
  • It might look different depending on your launcher, but you should see an option to “remove” the widget.
  • That’s it for the removal. Now we can add a different search widget to the home screen. Long press on an empty space on the home screen.
  • You will see a sort of menu with the “Widget” option. Select it.
  • Scroll through the list of widgets and find the one from the search app you installed. We have choosen DuckDuckGo after installing the web browser from the Play Store. Touch and hold the widget.
  • Drag it to the home screen and release your finger to release it.

You now have quick access to the search engine from the home screen!

Change the default Smart Assistant

The last thing we can do is change the default Digital Assistant app. On many Android smartphones and tablets, this is set to Google Assistant by default. It can be accessed via a gesture (swiping from the lower left or right corner), a hot phrase (“Hey / Ok Google”) or a physical button.

Many third-party search apps can be set as your default Digital Assistant, which means you can quickly launch them with these same gestures.

  • First, open the Settings menu on your Android phone or tablet by swiping down from the top of the screen (once or twice depending on the device manufacturer) to open the notification panel. From there, tap on the gear icon.
  • Select “Apps & Notifications” from the menu.
  • Now choose “Default apps”. You may need to expand an “Advanced” section to see this option.
  • The section we want to use is “Digital Assistant App”. Tap the item.
  • Select “Default App for Digital Assistant” at the top.
  • Choose the search engine you want to use.
  • Tap “OK” in the pop-up message to confirm your selection.

That’s all! Now, when you use assistant gestures, you will go straight to a search with your favorite search engine. Hopefully, with all of these methods, you can easily use your favorite search engines.

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