How to clean an iPad screen without damaging your device

How to clean an iPad screen without damaging your device

My device screens collect dirt all the time. Maybe it’s LA smog polluting my iPad screen in some way, but it’s more likely to be general debris that collects on the screen when my iPad spends the day in my over-old backpack.

Regardless, when I sit down at work and my iPad screen is dirty, it’s just a distraction. At some point, I strongly suspect that there will be research showing that we are more productive when our device screens are clean. (No comprehensive research has been conducted on the subject so far, so you’ll have to trust my impression of this.)

In hopes of being less distracted by a dirty screen, I try to clean my iPad screen on a regular basis. However, care should be taken when cleaning any device screen. It’s not something you can spray Windex on and hope for the best. That’s why we’ll cover how to clean an iPad screen and what not to do when cleaning an iPad.

What to avoid when cleaning iPad screen

Your iPad may seem indestructible, but it’s still a fragile electronic device. This means that it is easily damaged and must be handled carefully and without moisture. Here’s what you need to avoid when cleaning your iPad screen:

1. Use of any kind of sprays. In fact, Apple Support recommends that you “do not use aerosol sprays, solvents, or abrasives.” Apple also reminds users of its devices not to “let moisture into any opening” of a device.

2. Leave the device connected. You’ll also need to make sure there are no power cords plugged into your iPad while you clean, according to Apple.

3. Use paper towels, hand towels, or other abrasive cloths. If it feels like you shouldn’t be using it on your iPad screen, trust that instinct. Apple says to “avoid abrasive cloths, hand towels, paper towels and similar items that could cause damage.”

How to properly clean an iPad screen

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1. Make sure your device is unplugged.

2. Put your iPad into sleep mode or turn it off completely.

3. Use a soft, completely lint-free cloth. A microfiber cleaning cloth you can find on Amazon is ideal – and it’s $ 12 for a three-pack.

4. In small circular motions, use the soft cloth to wipe the iPad screen.

5. If necessary, moisten the cloth (even slightly) with water. If you are going to moisten the cloth, be very careful so as not to risk moisture getting into the iPad’s crevices. (There are multiple sources that say a conservative amount of liquid is fine in the cleaning process. Some recommend a small amount of water, while others recommend cleaner solutions.) Either way, remember not to spray the liquid directly on the screen but rather apply the liquid to the cloth before wiping the screen with small circular motions.

6. Do not use the damp cloth around the perimeter of the iPad. Use only a completely dry, lint-free cloth to clean the perimeter of the screen.

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