How to clear the Gmail cache to troubleshoot

How to clear the Gmail cache to troubleshoot

This allows your computer to run Gmail faster and more efficiently. It also lets you log into Gmail and draft offline messages without internet access if you’ve already enabled offline mail in Gmail.

If you’re using Gmail in any other browser, the steps for clearing the cache are slightly different. In Firefox, follow the steps to clear the cache in Firefox. If you use Gmail in Microsoft Edge, follow the steps to clear the cache in Edge.

In Chrome, it’s not necessary, but it’s best to turn off Gmail’s offline email feature if it’s enabled. This way, additional cached files won’t be saved to your computer while you work, and Gmail will delete the existing mail cache when the feature is disabled.

After doing that, you can clear your Gmail cache and delete all Gmail files from your computer in just a few clicks.

How to clear the Gmail cache using Chrome

1. Open Gmail in Chrome.

2. Click the Settings icon, shaped like a gear.

3. Choose “View all settings”.

4. At the top of the page, select “Offline”.

5. If offline mail is enabled, uncheck the check mark and click “Save changes”.

6. The cached email should be deleted automatically, but continue with the following steps to make sure everything has been removed.

7. In Chrome, select the three-dot menu.

8. Choose “Other tools”.

9. Click on “Clear Browsing Data”.

10. In the Time Lapse menu, choose “From the beginning”.

11. Make sure that “Cookies and other site data” as well as “Cached images and files” are checked.

12. Choose “Clear data”.

13. In the Chrome address bar, type “chrome: // settings / siteData” and press Enter.

14. Scroll down until you find “” and select the trash can icon to delete it.

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