How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to the TV

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to the TV

Connecting an additional speaker or two to your TV is a great way to create your own little home theater experience.

If you’ve been reluctant to introduce new speakers into your home for fear of adding to the terrifying snake pit of tangled cables behind your entertainment center, a Bluetooth speaker can help you amplify your sound without adding confusion.

There are nuances depending on the individual speaker and device you choose to connect, but we’re here to walk you through the basics. Here is a step by step guide to connect a Bluetooth speaker to the TV.

Pairing a Bluetooth speaker to the TV (the easy way)

First things first: Make sure the Bluetooth speaker is turned on and in pairing mode. You can consult the device manual to confirm how to turn on the speaker and enable pairing mode.

On the TV, go to Network Settings and select Bluetooth. Then, search for your speaker in the list of discoverable devices. If you’re lucky, this simple connection method worked. If not, the problem could be that your TV doesn’t offer Bluetooth as a built-in network or has a low-level Bluetooth signal that doesn’t allow for an audio connection.

What if your TV doesn’t offer a built-in Bluetooth network?

Unfortunately, your TV may not offer a built-in Bluetooth network. Many VIZIO models, for example, only have Bluetooth LE, which is such a low frequency that it doesn’t support connecting a speaker. In this case, you can add Bluetooth using a Bluetooth transmitter, which connects via a, or .

Press a button on the Bluetooth transmitter to put it into pairing mode, then press a corresponding button on the speaker to pair it with the transmitter. Once the speaker is added and activated, you can connect and increase the sound. (Pro tip: Look carefully when buying soundbars, as some of them have Bluetooth technology but are specifically designed to be used via particular third-party applications, such as Roku TV or Alexa.)

Down the strings

Another way to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your TV is to connect it directly with a wired connection using a 3.5mm port.

Why should you do this? Isn’t the point of Bluetooth to go wireless?

Yes and no. If your existing wired speaker has Bluetooth capabilities, you can still pair it with other devices in your home via that Bluetooth connection. The wired speaker then becomes a kind of base station to which other devices can connect wirelessly.

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