How to convert video to GIF and send them on WhatsApp

How to convert video to GIF and send them on WhatsApp

It took time, and it was done to beg, but the last stretch of 2016 brought with it the long-awaited implementation of GIFs in WhatsApp, the most used conversation app.

And is that whether in a forum, a blog, to reply to a Twitter message or in a chat with friends, the GIFs, those images with a continuous loop animation, have become essential, essential and necessary, since with only one of them can save us an entire paragraph of what we think, how we feel, or what we want.

Convert videos to GIF and send them via WhatsApp

Being able to send the GIF we want is a luxury. But WhatsApp has gone further and implemented a tool so that we can too create GIFs from short videos . This way, if we have something funny like the scare we gave a colleague, a toast with friends on the beach or your brother-in-law making a mess when he blows out the candles on the cake, we can convert them to GIFs and send them via WhatsApp like any other. Normal GIF. As did? In this way:

Step 1

The first requirement is that the video we are going to use must have a duration equal to or less than 6 seconds . If the video is longer, we won’t be able to create the animated GIF from it.

Step 2

The WhatsApp text entry bar has a button with the + symbol to the left . Pressing it we must choose the Photo and Video Gallery option . Your phone’s video and picture library opens. If we have a video of 6 seconds or less, we select it.

Step 3

When you select it, a GIF icon will appear at the top screen. Pressing it will convert this video into an animated GIF file that we can send.

Step 4

Once the GIF is complete, we can now retouch it to our liking adding an emoticon, painting it around or on it, adding text as seen in thousands of GIFs or cropping it if we need it. If we have an iPhone with the Live Photos function , we can also use it to create a GIF file out of it. To do this, you just have to follow the same steps, only instead of a video we will choose the Live Photo from the gallery, we will use 3D Touch clicking on it and the we will send as GIF . And that’s it, the Live Photo will be converted into a GIF file to send.

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