How to create a collaborative Spotify playlist

How to create a collaborative Spotify playlist

Making a mixtape on your own is fun. Making one with your best friends can be even better. This is where Spotify’s collaborative playlist feature comes in handy.

As the name suggests, anyone can add songs to a collaborative Spotify playlist – all they need is a link to it. Any song that is added will be shown to everyone, which means that no one will ever miss an update.

Here’s how to create a collaborative playlist on Spotify, send it to your friends and start adding music.

How to create a collaborative Spotify playlist

You can create a collaborative playlist in both the mobile app and the desktop app. You don’t need a Premium membership.

1. Open Spotify and start a new playlist, or open one you already have and want to make collaborative.

2. Click or tap the icon with the three dots under the playlist name and image, and then select Create playlist collaborative or collaborative .

Two screenshots of the Spotify iPhone app, showing how to open a playlist's options menu and tap "Make it collaborative".

You now have a collaborative playlist. If you want to make it private again, follow the same steps.

Once your playlist is collaborative, you can share it with other people.

3. Click or tap the three dots icon and select Share , then choose how you want to share it. The simplest option is simply Copy link which allows you to share a direct link using any app or messaging program you want.Two screenshots, showing the Spotify app sharing menu and a text message being composed.

How to add someone’s collaborative playlist to your library

After you send someone the link to your collaborative playlist, they can open and listen to the playlist by clicking the link. But unless they want to find and use the same link every time, they should add the playlist to their library.

Adding a playlist to your Spotify library saves it to your personal playlist collection, making it easy to find and open at any time.

To save the collaborative playlist to your library, open its link and upload it to the Spotify app. Then click or tap the heart icon under the playlist name.

A Spotify playlist.  The heart icon that allows a user to save the playlist is highlighted.

How to add songs to a collaborative Spotify playlist

You can add songs to a collaborative playlist just like any other playlist. This includes:

  • In the desktop app, by clicking and dragging a song into the playlist
  • By clicking or tapping the three dots next to a song and selecting Add to Playlist
  • Using the Recommended Songs feed at the bottom of the playlist

You can also delete songs in the same way.

Only the original owner of the playlist can change the image and title of the playlist.

Each song that is added will have a name, initial or image next to it indicating who added it to the playlist. And if you’re using the Spotify desktop app, you can see when they added it too.

A collaborative playlist in Spotify.  The list of users who have added songs is highlighted.

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