How to create a final portal in "Minecraft" and use it to find the final boss of the game

How to create a final portal in “Minecraft” and use it to find the final boss of the game

When “Minecraft” first came out, there was no way to beat the game. You played as long as you wanted, or until you fell into a ravine and died. But a few years in the life of “Minecraft”, the developers added a final boss: the Ender Dragon. Once you defeat this flying titan, the credits flow and you get a result for beating the game.

To reach the Ender Dragon, you will need to build a special structure known as the End Portal. The End Portal gives you direct access to “The End”, the dark dimension in which the dragon lives.

If you are playing in Survival or Hardcore mode, you will need to find a broken End Portal underground and repair it using Eyes of Ender. In Creative mode, you can simply build one using materials from your infinite inventory.

Whatever your style, we show you how to find an End Portal in Survival mode or create one in Creative mode.

How to find and create a final portal in “Minecraft” Survival mode

In the default “Minecraft” mode, Survival, several broken End portals are spawned underground as you create your world. To use them, you will need to find the underground stronghold and repair them with Eyes of Ender.

Fortunately, you don’t have to aimlessly clear the map to find a stronghold. Fortresses can be located using the Eyes of Ender themselves.

Find the End Portal

To find the stronghold, you will need Eyes of Ender, which act as magical compasses to find strongholds.

This will take some work, though. Here is the step by step.

Making the Final Portal

Once you reach the portal room, you are almost done. To be safe, fill all the lava and destroy the monster generator. This will avoid unpleasant accidents.

At the top of the ladder is the broken End Portal. The entire portal structure is there, but a number of Eyes of Ender will be missing. Carefully fill in all missing pegs with Eyes of Ender to activate the structure.

Once all the pearls are in place, you will hear a loud rumble and darkness will fill the portal. Once inside, you will be taken to The End and the final boss, the Ender Dragon.

Make sure you are ready to face it before entering, because once you do, the only way back is to die or win.

How to create a final portal in the creative mode of “Minecraft”

Frame pieces of an End Portal cannot be crafted. However, in Creative mode, you can find these frames in your inventory (as well as Eyes of Ender) and place them freely.

This means you don’t need to look for a final portal – you can just create one from scratch.

1. Open your infinite inventory and grab your materials. You will need 12 Eyes of Ender and 12 End Portal Frames.

2. Now let’s start building. To easily make sure that the frames are positioned correctly, dig a 3 × 3 grid into the ground and place inside it.

1 How to make a final portal in Minecraft

3. Position inside the grid and facing out, then place the End Portal Frames along the edge of the grid. How you place the bezels is important – the sides of the bezels with the extra green should face in and out, not the blocks next to them. Staying inside the grill should ensure they are positioned correctly.

3 How to make a final portal in Minecraft

4. Now get out of the grid and start placing your Eyes of Ender in the frame. As soon as you place the twelfth and last eye, the portal will activate. Jump inside and you’ll be transported to The End.

5 How to make a final portal in Minecraft

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