How to create a new calendar in Google Calendar

How to create a new calendar in Google Calendar

Organizing during the year is important and for this you need some tools. An agenda is always important, but using a calendar never hurts. You can always have a small one at home or hanging on the wall, but everyone has a cell phone in their pocket and apps to organize their day such as Google Calendar . Today you we will teach you how to create a new space to write down your appointments.

How to create a new calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most popular organization and productivity tools. Its function is intended for organization, so you have all the events of the week or month in view depending on what you like to see, but there is a way to generate multiple calendars within Google Calendar . Yes, there is only one, but you can generate as many as you want.

By default, you have the holiday calendar and birthday calendar whenever you have them, but you have the option to add more. You can do this by following the steps below:

  • Open Google Calendar
  • Go to the left column
  • In the last point you will find the function to add a new calendar
  • Select name and color

The latter is very important, especially the color . Thanks to this you can associate something with a certain color and it will be easier for you to filter all events in a week or a month . After seeing this trick, you should know that every time you generate a new event, you can assign it to one of your new calendars.

Is it possible to share a calendar from Calendar?

One of Google’s tricks is to create new calendars in your application. But perhaps the question you are asking yourself is whether you can share one of those calendars with other users. The answer is a clear yes, and depending on the conditions, they can only view those calendars or change them when needed.

For this you have to go to the section of your calendars and follow the following cases:

  • Access the calendar
  • Select the sharing function
  • Go to Access Permissions
  • Find the Share with certain people feature

Here you just have to choose who you want to give access to and you can also send a link to see it.

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