How to create a spell table in "Minecraft" to upgrade weapons and armor

How to create a spell table in “Minecraft” to upgrade weapons and armor

As simple as “Minecraft” may seem when you first start – take a tree, craft, repeat – eventually you will reach a point where things get more complicated and more fantastic. Think magical portals, deadly dragons, glowing pyramids, and more.

You also have the power to use magic alone through the spell table item (also known as the “enchantment” table). The spell table can upgrade your weapons, armor, and other gear with magical upgrades. For example, some spells make your tools work faster and last longer, while others will protect you.

Here’s what you need to make a spell table and how to make the most of it.

How to make a spell table in “Minecraft”

Create the spell table

First, you will need to put your table together. To do this, you will need a book, two diamonds and four obsidian blocks. You will also need lapis lazuli to power the table. None of these items are hard to find, but it may take some time.

To get a book , you will have to create it with leather and paper. Skin can be acquired by killing cows, a common mob creature found in the prairies; the paper is made from sugar cane, easily found near water in a swamp or desert biome.

1 How to make a spell table in Minecraft

Once you have your sugar cane, place the pieces in equal quantities along a horizontal line in the crafting area and take the paper that was created.

Now take your skin and three pieces of paper to make a book. You can arrange them in any four blocks in the 3 × 3 crafting table area, as long as each piece of paper is separate.

3 How to make a spell table in Minecraft

The best way to get lapis lazuli, diamonds and obsidian is mining. Bring torches, food, weapons, and a bucket of water.

For more detailed instructions, you can check out our guide to diamond mining, but here’s the gist: we recommend that you dig down to at least level 12 or lower (the “bottom” of the world is level 0 and “sea level” is level 63), and carry an iron pickaxe or better to mine diamonds.

Once you have your diamonds – you will need at least two – find a standing lava puddle and pour your bucket of water into it. This will create obsidian, which you will need at least one diamond pickaxe to mine. You will need at least four obsidian blocks.

4 How to make a spell table in Minecraft

In all of this, keep an eye out for lapis lazuli. This is a dark blue mineral that can be found almost everywhere. The more Lapis Lazuli you collect, the better – you’ll need to use them to create spells.

6 How to make a spell table in Minecraft

Once you have all your materials, it’s time to use a work table. In the 3 × 3 creation area:

1. Place the book in the top center slot.

2. Place the diamonds in the left and right slots of the second row, leaving the middle slot empty.

3. Place the obsidian in the middle central gap, between the diamonds, then fill the bottom row with obsidian as well.

11 How to make a spell table in Minecraft

You now have a spell table, ready to place and use. Note that if you want to move it later, you will need to use a pickaxe; simply punching him will destroy the table.

How to use a spell table in “Minecraft”

When you select the spell table to use it, you will see two slots. The first slot is where you will place the item you are enchanting. The table can enchant your tools, armor and most equipment (exceptions, such as elytra, can be enchanted on the anvil instead).

In the second slot, you will place the lapis lazuli. The spell will require up to three pieces of lapis lazuli, depending on the level selected. You will also need to spend experience points, which you can see in the green bar above your hotbar. Killing mobs, mining and melting in the furnace are some easy ways to get more points if you need them.

Once you are ready to use it, you will notice that the spell table does not allow you to choose which spell to get. Instead, you’ll only choose spell levels, each of which has a selection of buffs it can give. Whenever you choose a spell, there’s also a random chance to get a second buff as well.

15 how to make a spell table in minecraft

If, however, you want a specific item to be enchanted with a specific spell, your best bet is to enchant the books until you acquire the spell you want. Then, use that enchanted book on the object on an anvil.

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