How to create a survey in Google Meet

How to create a survey in Google Meet

This is where Google Meet’s survey feature comes into play. You can quickly create multiple choice questions during the meeting to keep things engaging and record attendee responses.

If you are ready to create a poll in Google Meet, go to the Activity tab and select “Polls” from the list of options.

How to respond to a Google Meet survey as a participant

To respond to a Google Meet survey, you must join a Google Meet with an account that allows surveys.

Once a survey has been posted to Google Meet, you will see a green dot above the activity icon notifying you that a survey has been launched. Click “Activities”, select the Surveys option, then select the response from the options listed.

Google Meet will keep the survey results private unless the moderator has enabled the “Show all results” option. Either way, users will never be able to see the names of other respondents, only the number of votes in the poll.

How to view Google Meet survey results

Upon completion of Google Meet, the moderator will receive an automatically generated email with a report on any polls conducted.

Google Meet survey results

The moderator can click on the report attachment included in the email to see the names and votes of the people who participated in the survey.

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