How to create fake WhatsApp chats

How to create fake WhatsApp chats

Some of you may be wondering when someone should create a fake WhatsApp chat. Well, there’s no reason other than to do it for fun purposes. For example, you can prank your friends or you can create a fake conversation of celebrities and famous people to create memes.

When you create a fake WhatsApp chat, you can set a profile picture, send messages from both sides and customize other things like last time you saw, message status, timestamp, etc. There are various methods by which you can create fake WhatsApp conversations on both Android and iPhone / iOS. Let’s start with the first method!

Use the Fake Chat Maker app on Android

Among the many apps we found on the Google Play Store, we recommend Fake Chat Maker as it is the most advanced fake WhatsApp chat maker. It looks almost similar to real WhatsApp. Let’s discuss the features and disadvantages of this application –

Features of this app

  • You can import contacts from your phone or create new users manually.
  • You can change the profile of your WhatsApp contacts as you wish by changing their profile picture, information about (bio), phone number, last viewed text and more.
  • You can send messages from both sides and easily change their status and delivery times.
  • The app supports all WhatsApp media files including photos, videos and voice messages.
  • It also supports WhatsApp emojis.
  • You can change the background of chats.
  • Dark mode theme can be applied.
  • You can create fake WhatsApp calls .
  • You can create a fake WhatsApp status .
  • You can also create fake WhatsApp group chats .
Create fake WhatsApp conversations using the app

Disadvantages of this app

To avoid misuse of the application, the developer added a watermark on the chat screen. However, you can easily remove it by editing the screenshot and drawing on the watermark with the same background color. There is also a watermark on WhatsApp calls which is quite difficult to remove.

Use ChatsFake for WhatsApp on iPhone

For iPhone users there is an app called ChatsFake for WhatsApp . This app will allow you to create fake WhatsApp chats with WhatsApp iPhone UI. You can customize almost everything as you wish, from creating a custom profile to changing the chat status (online, typing, or last viewed) and controlling both sides of the conversation.

You can add text, images and audio in the chat. Apart from that, you can also use WhatsApp emojis. ChatsFake for WhatsApp is a great application in general to create fake WhatsApp conversations. You won’t notice any difference compared to real WhatsApp chats. Furthermore, the app also supports Facebook Messenger.

Create a fake chat on WhatsApp manually

You can also create fake WhatsApp conversations manually without using third party apps. For this method, you need another phone with an active WhatsApp account. You can pick up your friend, sibling or parent’s phone. Follow this step by step guide –

  • Change contact name : The first thing you need to do is change the contact name on your phone. Here the contact refers to the phone number of another person (whose phone you have taken) that you have saved on your phone. You need to change her name to the person whose fake conversation you want to create. This can be done easily from the Contacts app, so we don’t need to tell you how to do it.
  • Change profile picture – Next, you need to download the profile picture of the person whose fake chat you are creating. For that, read our guide on how to download the WhatsApp profile picture. Next, set the profile picture to WhatsApp of the phone you took. This will make that person appear as if they are someone else.
  • Create fake WhatsApp chat : Once everything is set up, you are ready to create a fake conversation. Since you have both phones in hand, send messages between them because you want your fake chat conversation to appear and finally take the screenshot of the chat to save it on your phone.

With this method, you can also create fake WhatsApp statuses, voice calls and video calls. Once the task is complete, don’t forget to revert the changes to the contact name and profile picture. This method is undoubtedly the best way to create fake WhatsApp chats that look real but it is much more boring as you have to do everything manually. Another disadvantage of this method is that it is not possible to change the timestamp and date of the messages.

Use an online tool to create fake WhatsApp chats

The last method to create fake WhatsApp chats is to use an online tool. Of all the methods, this is the simplest as you don’t have to download any third party apps. Plus, it doesn’t even require two phones. There are a couple of fake WhatsApp chat generator tools available on the internet. We personally liked this from a website called Fake Details . Here are some features of this tool:

  • You can choose the operating system manually (Android and iPhone).
  • It also supports the web version of WhatsApp.
  • You can upload your profile picture.
  • In addition to the status and messages, you can also change the phone’s time and battery percentage.
  • You can see the live preview of your fake conversation.
  • The image is downloaded in Full HD quality.
Fake WhatsApp chat generator - iPhone and Android

So these are some methods you can use to create fake WhatsApp conversations on iPhone or Android devices. You can use any of them according to your personal preferences. All methods are free. To give us your feedback on this guide, please leave your comments below.

Disclaimer: this guide is for fun purposes only. For example, you can use it to prank your friends. We do not encourage our readers to create someone’s fake WhatsApp chat to deceive others. Please do not misuse this information in any way. If you do, only you will be responsible for the negative consequences. Good luck!

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