How to download Disney Plus from the PlayStation Store

How to download Disney Plus from the PlayStation Store

If you have an account Disney Plus and want to watch all your favorite Disney movies and TV shows using your PlayStation 4, you’re in luck.

You can stream Disney Plus on PS4 by downloading the app Disney Plus from the PlayStation Store.

Here’s everything you need to know to get ready for your night with Mickey himself.

How to watch Disney Plus on a PS4

1. After starting the PlayStation 4 and logging into the PSN profile, use the PS4 controller to access the PlayStation Store link. After selecting the Store, press the X button.

PlayStation Store

2. When the Store opens, go to the “Search” tab, located at the top of the screen. After selecting “Search” with the cursor, press X.

3. Using the PS4 controller, type “Disney” into the on-screen keyboard. Disney Plus will appear in the search results to your right. When you are done, press the R2 button.

4. Select Disney Plus in the search results and press the X button.

Disney Plus in the ps4 search results

5. Go to the “Download” button and press X.

6. Follow the onscreen instructions to set up your account Disney Plus .

7. After configuring Disney Plus on your PS4, you can access its corresponding app via the TV and video link in the PS4 Home menu. Select the TV and video link and press X, then select Disney Plus on the next screen and press X to open the app. (If the TV and video link doesn’t appear in the Home menu, you can access the app Disney Plus via the Library in the App menu.)

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