How to download the SCP mod in Minecraft

How to download the SCP mod in Minecraft

How to download the SCP mod in Minecraft. Minecraft is basically a fairly simple and relaxed game. For this reason, over the years, fans of the popular sandbox title Mojang have created content that can bring a little “fear” to the streets of the game world.

In particular, you have heard from your favorite youtuber that there is a mod capable of introducing particularly terrifying adventures in Minecraft but you have not quite understood how to download it and, therefore, you would like a hand in this regard.

In fact, in today’s tutorial I’ll explain how to download scp mod in minecraft , thanks to which you will have the opportunity to meet all the terrifying creatures you have heard so much about. Therefore, I will show you how to download, install and use this particular mod and will not stop giving you some interesting details about its origin, so that you can understand a little more about the history of the creatures that it allows you to know.

How to download SCP mod in Minecraft step by step

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to download scp mod in minecraft I think you may be interested in having more information on its origin.

Well, this mod, created by the community of gamers of the Mojang title, adds terrifying adventures to the world of Minecraft that lead the user to have to solve puzzles and challenge strange creatures.

The project was born as part of a creepypaste , which is a fictional horror story created by Internet users. It is one of the most popular phenomena related to Minecraft, along with Herobrine.

The origin of the mod comes from an online collective writing project of Horror stories. Simply put, the users were merged into a fictional organization called SCP Foundation and they started writing fictional stories together. The latter gave birth to adventures such as those represented by the video game SCP: Containment Breach and this Minecraft mod.

Assuming the mod in question functions only on Edition Java titled Mojang, my advice is to use the Minecraft version 1.12.2 as it is one of the most popular of the Lovers of Mojang titles and is the last compatible with the mod.

Download the SCP mod in Minecraft

After explaining what the SCP mod is and in which version of Minecraft to use it, I would say that you are ready to act: below you will find all the indications of the case.

The mod I’m talking about today is called in different ways: SCP: blocking or Lock mod . In any case, you can download it for free, as it is a common creation by users, and in a very simple way.

To download the mod, simply connect to the CurseForge website, press the button Download which is located next to the inscription relating to Minecraft version in your possession and wait for the download to complete.

Install the SCP mod in Minecraft

Once the download of the mod is complete, I would say that you are ready to continue with the installation.

The first thing I recommend is to configure the Forge profile, since the latter allows you to use the mod correctly.

To continue, therefore, connected to the official site of Forge and presses on the voice Installer . If you are looking for Forge for an “outdated” version of Minecraft (like 1.12.2), you should hit the button Show all versions .

After that, you just need to run the file forge- [versione] -installer. jar obtained, select the item Install client and press Okay . Great, now you have everything you need to install the mod.

At this point, Move / Copy the file SCP + Lock- [versione] .trarr in the Minecraft mod folder. In Windows the way forward is C: Users [nome utente] AppData Roaming.minecraft mods Meanwhile Mac OS ex ~ / Library / Application support / minecraft / mods .

Perfect, you have successfully installed the SCP mod and can now start having fun (and / or being scared!) With it – you can find all relevant instructions below.

How to use the SCP mod in Minecraft

After installing Forge and placing the mod file in the correct folder, you can begin your adventure.

The first thing to do is to select Forge profile through down arrow icon present on the left, next to the button PLAYS in the main screen of the Minecraft platform .

Once in the game, possibly in mode Creative push the button m on the keyboard, click right arrow icon present at the top and select the icon from the leaf . Here you will find all the adventures made by the creators of the mod.

By placing the mouse cursor on the different leaves you will notice that there are several writings: insurance , Euclid , Keter .

The first type of “levels” is the “easiest”, the second includes unpredictable enemies and the third represents the most “dangerous” adventures. In short, it is the “difficulty” of the proposed adventures.

So get a document ( Panacea 500 ) and put it on free ground. In some cases, it may be necessary to place some support blocks to reach the structure, as on some land it is located a few blocks from the ground.

At this point, just press the Red button present next to the front door, to start your adventure. Good luck!

Another interesting possibility offered by the mod is to summon the fearsome creator via the egg . For example, you can take the article Shy Egg (096) and place it on the ground to summon this mysterious being.

Well: now you have correctly learned how to use SCP: Lockdown mod. All you have to do is use your wits to complete the various adventures proposed by the creators.

How to download SCP mod in Minecraft PE

You have the Minecraft PE version and would you like to use the SCP mod on the go? I’ll explain the situation right away.

Over the years the community has also found a way to install this mod on Minecraft for mobiles and tablets.

However, I do not recommend using mods in this edition of the Mojang title, since to do this, you need to change the internal files of the game or guarantee certain types of permissions to some applications.

This can be a problem for both the proper functioning of Minecraft and the security of the device.

In short, my advice is to play the SCP mod in the Java edition of Minecraft. In any case, I can assure you that the mobile version of the Mojang title is a lot of fun even without using external content.

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