How to download videos from Raiplay without any software - EASY GUIDE

How to download videos from Raiplay without any software – EASY GUIDE

Here is the best method to download videos from Raiplay online without any programs or software. How to download Rai videos on PC and Smartphone?

Thanks to this guide you will be able to download from online in the easiest and fastest way possible. Whether you are an expert user or not, a couple of clicks will be enough to reach your goal. In just a few steps you can enjoy the movie you are interested in wherever you want offline without the Internet.

Follow these simple steps to download videos from RaiPlay

1. Go to RaiPlay site here

2. Search for the video or movie you want to download on the site. If necessary, log in as requested by Raiplay (you can register or log in with Facebook, Twitter and Google)

3. Once you have found the content you are interested in downloading, start playing it and wait for the ad to finish.

4. Once done, copy the link of the video you want to download. You can find it at the top of your internet browser. To copy a video URL, right-click the link, then click COPY. Check out the screenshots of the images below.


5. Go to website by clicking here.

6. Paste the link you previously copied in the space available in the center of the page (right click on it> PASTE)


7. Pastylink at this point will show you one or more links to download your video: just click on “download” and that’s it. As you can see in the screenshot of the image above, the two links have different sizes: obviously the larger one has a higher resolution. Choose the one you prefer to download.

9. Wait for the video to be downloaded from Raiplay and you will be ready to watch it offline and without internet, wherever and whenever you want.


So, did you see how easy it was to download from Raiplay?

Although officially it is not possible to do this as the Raiplay site does not offer the function of downloading movies and videos, thanks to our simple instructions you have managed to achieve your goal. In this way you can watch everything you want even offline and without internet, perhaps while traveling by train or plane.

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