How to download videos with aTube Catcher: the complete guide

How to download videos with aTube Catcher: the complete guide

aTube Catcher is a software that, in the vast panorama of programs for downloading videos from the Internet, stands out for its extreme ease of use and for the huge list of supported sites. It allows you to download, with a simple click, videos from YouTube, Metacafe, uStream and many other video sharing sites, offering the user the ability to convert them “on the fly” into any file format, both video and audio.

In addition to this, it includes advanced desktop recording tools (a feature that captures streaming video from officially unsupported sites), PC audio recording and video conversion to all major media file formats, including DVD and Blu- Ray. All at no cost.

What I propose below is a step by step guide through which you can learn how to use the program and, therefore, how to download videos from the Internet in any format or resolution you prefer. I assure you it’s really a no-brainer, so let’s banish the chatter and jump right into the action. There are hundreds or even thousands of videos just waiting to be downloaded!

How to download aTube Catcher

To download aTube Catcher on your PC, connect for go through this link and click on the button Download Now which is on the right. When the download is complete, now double-click on it, on the file you just downloaded ( aTube_Catcher.exe ) and, in the window that opens, first click on Yup and then on OK And Next for twice in a row.

Then remove the check mark from the items related to And Ask Toolbar to avoid installing additional browser toolbars, click Cancel and / or Refuse to refuse the installation of other promotional software and terminate the setup by clicking on first After you three consecutive times and then on Install And end .

Note: some antivirus software may recognize aTube Catcher as a potential threat. The fault lies with the promotional content included in the software installation package, which, once deselected, does not carry any risk associated with malware.

How to use aTube Catcher

Well now you can start using the software and take advantage of all its useful features!

Download Video With ATube Catcher

To download a video from YouTube, DailyMotion, uStream or any other service supported by aTube Catcher ( there the complete list), click on the button Download video copy the address of the film (the one displayed in the address bar of the browser during its playback) and paste it in the field URL of the video of the program.

Then expand the pop-up menu Format and choose the file format to convert the video to after the download is complete. If you want to keep the movie in its original format (eg MP4 or FLV) select the option No conversion (you only get original file ), while if you want to extract only the audio track, select an audio file format (eg. MP3 ).

At this point, press the button Download choose the resolution and format in which you want to download the video (eg. 1920 × 1080 HD 1080P video / MP4 to download the video in Full HD resolution and MP4 format) and wait for the download to complete.

By default, aTube Catcher saves videos in the Windows Videos folder. If you want to change this setting, click on the link next to Save with name and select the Edit output folder from the menu that opens.

Capture Streaming Video With ATube Catcher

There is a video site that is not officially supported by aTube Catcher from which you can’t wait to download a video? You can get around this by using the function Stream Catcher by aTube Catcher.

To use the Stream Catcher feature of aTube Catcher, please go to the appropriate program tab and agree to download the free software WinpCap (without which you will not be able to capture streaming videos from sites not officially supported by aTube Catcher). Unfortunately, WinpCap download is not automatic: to download the program you have to click on the item Installer for Windows on the web page that opens. Then you need to open the software installation package ( WinPcap_xx.exe ) and install it on your PC by clicking on Yup , After you , I accept , Install And end .

At this point, go back to the tab Stream Catcher of aTube Catcher, click on the button Start acquisition and start playing the video you want to capture in your browser. The application will automatically “record” the movie and save it to your PC.

By default, streaming videos captured by the browser are saved in their source format. If you want to convert them, select one of the file formats available in the pop-up menu Format . To customize the destination folder of the file, instead, use the button […] next to to the Save As option .

Record Screen With ATube Catcher

Do you want to record what happens on your computer screen? aTube Catcher allows you to do this too. Just go to the tab Screen recording click the button Select area and create a selection around the part of the desktop to “capture”. Then, click the button Start and start the video.

At the end of the registration, click on Stop And that’s it. You can also record audio played from your computer (without video). In that case, go to the tab Audio recorder put the check mark next to the file format in which to save the recording (eg. MP3 ) and click on the button Start .

Convert Video With ATube Catcher

Among the advanced features of aTube Catcher there is also a video converter which supports all major media file formats.

To convert one or more videos in series, go to the tab Video converter of the program and click on the button add to select the movies to transform. Choose the format in which to convert them from the appropriate drop-down menu (bottom left) and click on the button Convert to start processing the files.

By default, aTube Catcher saves the converted videos in the folder Video on your computer. To choose another destination, click on the button […] placed in front of the option Save with name and indicate a folder of your preference.

If you like, you can also merge the converted videos, so that you get a unique output file. All you have to do is put the check mark next to Merge files before starting the conversion.

Other Features of ATube Catcher

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, aTube Catcher is a software so rich in features that it would take several tutorials to analyze in detail all its potential. Today I just wanted to explain how to install it and how to take the first steps inside it by taking advantage of some of its most important features, such as those for downloading and converting videos.

To learn how to make the most of all the program’s features, have fun exploring them yourself by going to the tabs at the top (eg. DVD / BluRay / CD Creator to create DVD video and Blu-Ray or Audio recorder to make audio recordings). I assure you that it will take very little to learn how to make the most of all the potential of the application!

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