How to download videos with xVideoServiceThief

How to download videos with xVideoServiceThief

Downloading videos from the Internet can seem like a bit of a hassle. There are various websites that can do the job, but they are usually short on options and slow in speed. This is where xVideoServiceThief comes in. This weirdly titled tool, which sounds like some kind of 90s computer virus, lets you download videos, instantly convert them to most major formats, and even schedule your downloads.

Here we will show you how to use xVideoServiceThief to turn video downloads into a walk in the park.

How to use xVideoServiceThief

First, you will have to download xVideoServiceThief (xVST) from the official website. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. While it’s essentially the same on all platforms, we’ll be doing our demonstration on PC, so some details in the instructions may vary slightly.

After installing xVST, open it. (The tool itself recommends running as an administrator each time by right-clicking on the app icon and clicking “Run as administrator.”) You will see a popup requesting a donation and also a popup asking if you want to disable “Adult Sites”. This will remove all plugins related to downloading adult content and pornography. Do it as you please, we are not judging, honestly.

Once you are on the xVST main screen, you can start lining up the videos for download. Click “Add Video” in the upper right corner and copy and paste the URL of the video you want to add.

The great thing is that you can queue as many videos to download as you want this way, and xVST will download and convert them in sequence. If you want to prioritize certain videos to download over others, right click on a video in the list, then select “Move Up” or “Move Down”. From the context menu, you can also pause downloads, cancel downloads, delete and rename videos, and more.

xVideoServiceThief panel

Convert videos using xVideoServiceThief

When you add new videos to convert, you can check the “Ignore original conversion options” box to set your video and audio parameters to convert the video to.

The default options produce rather rudimentary quality videos and you can improve them here by changing the output format to “MP4 HD Format” and increasing the video resolution and output quality.

If you want to change the default conversion settings for your future downloads, click “More Options” in the lower right corner of xVST, then click “Basic” in the left pane and select “Convert Video to Mpeg / DivX / etc. ” box. We believe the settings below are a good enough choice for reasonably (but not remarkably) high quality video, but of course you can tailor them to your needs.

Schedule your video download

One of the best options in xVST is the ability to run the entire download / conversion process on a custom schedule, so that everything can happen when you are not using your PC.

To do this, click “More Options” on the xVST home screen, then select “Schedule” in the left pane.

Check the “Customize my schedule download” box, then press the green “+” icon in the lower right corner. Select the time you want to dedicate to downloading your videos, check the “Active” box to activate the schedule, then click “OK”.

You can add as many download schedule times as you like using this method. When finished, click “OK” to return to the xVST home screen.

Returning to the home screen, you’ll see a check mark next to the “Download videos automatically” box and a clock next to it. This means that the videos will download according to your schedule, so you can queue as many as you like and sort their load order, but they won’t download until the scheduled times. Uncheck this box to disable scheduling and download videos as you add them.


This should be all you need to download your videos from the Internet into your hands. xVideoServiceThief remains a robust app, although it could really use updates in a couple of areas like the online search function (which appears to be broken) and support for HD videos. However, as a quick way to capture video from around the world, it’s a good option.

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