How to download your story on Instagram or those of other users

How to download your story on Instagram or those of other users

The popularity of Instagram allows you to get a glimpse into the lives of countless people, unique hobbies, and global trends. A fun and easy to manage Instagram feature is called Stories.

Instagram Stories are photos and videos that are posted on your profile and last for 24 hours. Since there is a time limit for how long a story is visible to everyone, you have several options for saving your Instagram story on your app or phone.

But there are also some methods you could use to download or save someone else’s story.

How to download your story from Instagram

There are two ways you can save your stories.

1. Open and log into Instagram.

2. Tap La your story in the upper left corner, to see the posts you’ve added to your story.

3. Choose the story you want to save and tap the three dots at the bottom right and tap Save … (iPhone) or Save photos / videos (Android).

instagram story download, save function on iphone

4. On an iPhone, select Save photos / videos to save that specific story. To save all your current stories as a vertical video, tap Save history . Android users need to save each story individually.

An alternative method is to automatically save your Instagram story to an archive in the app or phone memory.

1. On Instagram, go to your profile and tap the icon Menu a three lines in the upper right corner.

Instagram app menu and settings options

2. Touch Settings, so Privacy.

3. Touch History . Under the header Rescue you can activate Save the story to your camera roll (iPhone) or Save the story in the gallery (Android) to save stories in your device’s photo app.

Save menu in the Instagram app

4. You can also just activate Save story in archive to save photos and videos in your archive and not on your phone.

How to download someone else’s Instagram story

Perhaps the easiest way to save someone else’s Instagram story is to record it or take a screenshot on a mobile device, neither of which will alert the user.

There is also the option of using a third party website such as Toolzu which may allow you to save your Instagram story or someone else’s, as long as their account is not a private account.

1. Go to instagram story downloader from Toolzu in a desktop web browser.

2. Type the username of the account you are trying to download the story from, with the @ symbol included (e.g. @user_name).

Instagram stories download website

3. Select the single story you need and click Download.

Other ways to download your own and others’ Instagram Stories

On Android

With AZ Screen Recorder it’s simple, as the trick of this app is that it works as a screen capture and thus records everything that is happening on the smartphone screen. Screen Recorder has no time limit for recording, it is ad-free because it is free and does not watermark the video.

Although the best part is that, unlike other screen captures, it does not require root access – that the terminal is rooted / hacked – and works on a normal mobile. With the app you can also capture audio from the terminal’s microphone, which is a plus.

To capture, for example, a Stories, all you have to do is open the app and a small ‘floating’ interface with four buttons will appear in which clicking on the first button, the red one, will immediately start the capture process. We can stop recording and restart it as many times as we want; give the “X” so that the video is stored in the mobile gallery and customize it by choosing video resolution, frame rate, bit rate, countdown timer, overprinted text, logos, slow motion, recording, etc.

Then copy the resulting video to the SD card to save space. You can also edit videos and create GIFs, although these features are for the paid Premium version. Here is the link to download the app:

On iOS

Thanks to the application Repost Story for Instagram located in the App Store, you can acquire and save on iOS. The application is quite simple, since you just have to give her access to your photo library and then search for an Instagram username. The application also allows you to view the stories anonymously. And the Story Creator tool also helps you to recreate your old photos or videos with a new date.


If you’d rather save the stories to a computer, there are ways to do it as well. And in fact the simplest is to use StoryDownloader, a website dedicated to carrying out the activity that its name clearly indicates.

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