How to draw on an iPad with Procreate

How to draw on an iPad with Procreate

Thanks to the Apple Pencil, many people now draw on their iPad. In fact, the iPad has become a valuable drawing tool for both serious artists and casual hobbyists. Combined with the Procreate illustration, drawing and painting app, you can create sophisticated and professional images on the iPad that previously required expensive desktop software.

How to draw on an iPad using Procreate

There is a lot of power under the hood of Procreate but it’s easy to start drawing on your iPad because the app is relatively easy to use, with a simple layout, intuitive toolset, and easy-to-master gestures that combine both stylus and fingers.

Create a canvas

1. Launch the Procrea app.

2. You will start in the Gallery, where you can see your existing images.

3. Tap the plus sign (+) at the top right and choose the size of the canvas you want to work with.

Procreate apps on iPad

Draw with brushes

Procreate is based on drawing with brushes and you can vary the thickness, intensity and opacity of your brush strokes depending on the pressure you apply to the Apple Pencil.

1. Tap the icon Brush at the top of the screen. You should see the drop-down menu Brush library .

2. Choose the brush you want to use. There are nearly 200 to choose from, divided into categories.

Procreate apps on iPad

3. Tap the icon Color . You will see the drop-down menu Colors .

4. Choose the color you want to use from the color wheel. You can also use the tabs at the bottom of the drop-down menu to choose a color in a different way.

Procreate apps on iPad

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5. Change the thickness of the brush using the slider at the top left.

6. Set the opacity of the brush with the slider at the bottom left.

Procreate apps on iPad

Now you can start drawing on your canvas. As you draw, the variation in pressure applied with the Pencil will affect the thickness and intensity of the stroke, just as if you were drawing or painting on a real canvas.

Here are some additional drawing basics:

  • You can use the eraser in the same way as the brush. Tap the icon Eraser to choose an eraser type, configure it with the size and opacity sliders, then draw on the screen to erase.
  • Tap the screen with two fingers to cancel.
  • Tap the screen with three fingers to repeat.

Draw with shapes

You can convert hand drawn sketches into textured shapes that you can adjust and resize.

1. Draw a circle (it doesn’t need to be extremely precise) and, without lifting the Pencil, hold it down for a few seconds when you’re done drawing the shape. After a couple of seconds, you should see the message Ellipse created at the top of the screen and a button Edit shape .

2. Touch Edit shape .

Procreate apps on iPad

3. You now have several options, such as Ellipse , Circle and maybe (depending on how you drew the circle) Polyline . If you want to make the ellipse perfectly round, tap Circle . You can change your selection as often as you like as long as your shape is selected.

4. You should also see that the ellipse has several control points. Touch and drag a point to change the shape, size and orientation of your shape.

Procreate apps on iPad

5. To move the shape on the screen, tap and drag anywhere on the screen outside the shape.

6. When you’re happy with everything about the shape, including size and location, tap the screen on the outside of the shape again. The control points will disappear and the shape is now part of the image.

Color in your design

You can fill sections of your image with color. Any area you want to fill must have a well-defined boundary. If you try to fill a circle drawn with chalk, for example, the color “escapes” through the chalk and will fill the image more than you wanted.

1. Tap the Color icon.

2. In the Colors drop-down menu, choose the color you want to fill with.

3. Tap the Color icon and drag it to the part of the image you want to fill.

Procreate apps on iPad

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