How to extend home Wi-Fi coverage with these 2 apps

How to extend home Wi-Fi coverage with these 2 apps

Have you ever been at home using WhatsApp calling for data or downloading stuff from the internet to your PC and suddenly there was a cut? The Wi-Fi service, while convenient, still depends a lot on the quality of the signal reception, and if this is not optimal we could run the risk of an unexpected drop in the Wi-Fi signal.

This does not mean that we cannot do anything, as we can use some apps and tools that will provide us with automatic tools that, if a cut occurs, will greatly reduce the slowdown of the Wi-Fi network.

Connection stabilizer booster

For example, Connection Stabilizer Booster, an app considered one of the best in its sector capable of stabilizing, reconnecting and improving the data connection for 2G, 3G and 4G wireless networks. The application has features such as reconnecting the device when the signal is lost for the data connection, helping to keep the data between the phone and the server so that the connection is stable and ensuring that we do not lose the connection when the networks are saturated.

Network signal speed booster

Another option is Network Signal Speed ​​Booste, also highly rated by users and consisting of an app developed to improve connection quality based on signal strength and coverage level. Speed ​​Boster will connect to the connection that has the best signal at that moment and will do so automatically. Best of all, the app goes through the process automatically.

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