How to find lost AirPods?

How to find lost AirPods?

Apple’s famous AirPods are an extremely convenient way to enjoy podcasts, music and videos on the go.

But like your other small wireless devices, they are prone to being lost.

Fortunately, you can use Apple’s Find My app. The app can locate your AirPods on a map and make them emit a useful chirp, making it easier for you to find your earbuds.

You’ll need a little luck, which is that the AirPods case and / or earbuds still hold a battery charge. If so, the Find My app is your friend. If you don’t have another Apple device with the app, you can use Find My by entering your Apple ID credentials on

How to make the AirPod earphones send a location chirp?

If you need further help finding the earbuds that have been separated from the case and the AirPods are close to another of your Apple devices that have Bluetooth enabled, you can help your search with a useful twitter.

Just tap the AirPods listed under “Devices” in the Find My app or “All Devices” on the iCloud website and select “Play Sound”.

How to find an AirPod if the couple split up?

The maps on the Find My app and the iCloud website will show the location of one AirPods headset at a time. If you only need to locate one earbud but not the other, locate the AirPod you have on the map and then put it inside the case. Update the map and it will now share information about the missing headset.

How to find a case for AirPods

Unfortunately, the Find Mine app only tracks the location of the AirPods and not the case itself. As a result, even the case itself will not be able to output a sound for location detection, as that function is tied to the earphones and the case itself lacks speakers.

However, you can attach a tracking device such as an AirTag or Tile to the AirPods case as an extra precaution to track the location of the case in addition to the earphones.

What does it mean if Find My says it can’t find your AirPods

If your AirPods are too far away to be located or have lost all battery power, you’ll likely see one of two options in the Find My app: you’ll be able to see the last known location of the AirPods, or ‘You’ll get a message saying “No positions found” or “Offline”.

If and when they are able to come back online, you will be notified via the Find My app.

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Once you’ve found your AirPods, take a look at our handy guide to clearing them of the dust and debris that likely accumulated while wedged between the sofa cushions.

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