How to find the mansion in Minecraft

How to find the mansion in Minecraft

Your adventure in Minecraft , Mojang’s popular sandbox video game, has finally started and you’re having a lot of fun. However, your YouTuber told you about a mysterious building called Mansion and you wish you could reach it too.

In today’s guide I’ll explain how to find the mansion in minecraft . In case you are wondering, I will show you how to do it without using any “trick”. And, if you are interested, I’ll explain how to achieve the same goal through “shortcuts” to speed up the process.

How to find the mansion in Minecraft step by step

Before going into details on how to find the mansion in minecraft, I think you might be interested in learning more about this building and its usefulness.

Let’s start by saying that the real name of the mansion in Minecraft is ” dwelling in the forest “ (“Woodland mansion”, in English) and is a rather rare structure to find.

The game in fact generates it randomly and must be looked for well within the biome of the dark oak forest. The building structure can vary a lot as it is created by the algorithm. In any case, it is usually 2 or 3 plants.

Yes, this is the only place where you can get the item without mod Totem of immortality , which allows you to save the death player. Also, inside the forest mansion it is possible to face enemies that are only found in this way and obtain a good amount of materials and items that would otherwise be difficult to find.

In short, reaching the forest mansion in Minecraft could be very useful for obtaining good items. For more details on the mansion I suggest you consult the Minecraft encyclopedia, an inexhaustible source of information on the Mojang title.

How to find the seedless mansion in Minecraft

If you’re playing a regular Minecraft game and don’t want to resort to cheating, you can find a mansion using one forest exploration map . Obviously all the steps described in this chapter are valid for the mode Survival of Minecraft. You can also try this method in mode creative but it would clearly make little sense, since in the latter it is possible to automatically create all the various objects.

The map can be purchased from a cartographer farmer that is a non-player character (NPC) who is in the various people present within the game.

The cartographer can have different appearances, depending on the village in which he is located. In any case, just click on an NPC (eg. right mouse button in the Java Minecraft version) to appear in the window that explain your profession: if it is written above Cartographer is the character you are looking for.

To find villages without using cheats, you need to search for them in a biome Flat earth , savannah , taiga , tundra or Desert and be lucky enough to find yourself in front of one of them.

Finding a cartographer can take a lot of patience, as he is a particularly rare character, living only in a small percentage of cities (the cartographer is randomly generated) – it took me several hours to find him too!

In any case, the forest explorer map yes presents as an exchange of high level (e.g. expert) by the cartographer and requires the outlay of 14/28 emeralds it’s a Compass .

To take the cartographer to a high level, you will have to bring him whatever he asks for. To give you a concrete example, I had to recover many plates , glass panels And emeralds .

As for the compass, it is produced by joining 4 iron ingots And 1 red stone powder . Redstone can be found in mines by using a pickaxe to collect this resource (blocks have red elements on each face).

In order not to let the NPC escape, my advice is to lock up the cartographer in a structure created by you, so that it cannot walk and that you can find it in that position.

Once you have the map Explore forest , you can use it to get to the mansion, even if the game doesn’t always show the closest building, i white dots represent the position of your character, while the icon from the home it is the abode of the forest (the abode).

If, on the other hand, you have the Java version of Minecraft and you want to speed up the process through “tricks”, you can use specific commands that will help you find the job without having to buy the forest explorer map. However, to do this, the controls must be activated in the world you are playing in.

If you have not yet created the world with active commands, all you have to do is go to the main screen of Minecraft press successively on Single player , Create a new world , Other world options and configure i commands of the element en Sip . At this point, first press Done and in Create a new world .

Once in the game, press the button T. on the keyboard, type the command / locate city to find a city, or / locate Mansion to find the forest dwelling directly and press Send .

The command to find the mansion may not work if you are far from the mansion in the forest. In short, even in the case of using the commands you may be forced to go to a town and buy the map of the forest explorer or you should try to get closer to the mansion (but this depends a lot on luck).

In any case, to teleport to a village or a villa in the forest, reopen the chat with the key T. on the keyboard, type the command / teleport [nome giocatore] XYZ and press Send .

Obviously, the nickname entered must be yours and the coordinates X , Y ex Z should be replaced with the ones you got by typing the command above (for example, / teleport -960, ~, -448 ). In some cases, it can be teleported underground and then ascend.

How to find the mansion in Minecraft through the seeds

One of the most used methods to quickly find the Minecraft mansion is to use the seeds special “codes” that allow you to understand how your world is structured within the game.

To do this in the Java version of Minecraft, open a game where the controls are activated, press the key T. on the keyboard, type the command /seed and press Send .

At this point, write the value that appears on the screen (the one in green) and connected to the Woodland Mansion Finder site from any browser to browse the web. Now, enter the seed within the search field and press the blue button Find villas .

If there is a mansion in your game, the map will show you its location through a point . At the bottom of the site you will be shown the Coordinates housing forestry.

Perfect: now you just have to get to the place indicated by the site and that’s it. Of course you can also help by making use of the command / teleport , as I explained to you in the previous chapter. Easy right?

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