How to flip or mirror the camera on Google Meet

How to flip or mirror the camera on Google Meet

Google Meet doesn’t mirror or flip your video for your audience, even if it shows you a mirrored view in the preview. Hence, it is not necessary to turn it upside down to see to correct vision. However, if you really need to flip or mirror your video on Google Meet for some reason, this guide will help.

Google Meet’s flip camera?

Yes and no. Google Meet flips the camera feed, but there is a problem: it only mirrors the video in the preview shown to you, your audience sees the view without mirroring. Google Meet does this so that people can preview the video as they see in the mirror without it being too jarring for them.

However, Google Meet doesn’t flip your video for the end user. This means that even though the text and items in the video preview might appear upside down, they are shown in the correct orientation to meeting attendees. This is a big plus for teachers and trainers who use Google Meet to convey important concepts to meeting attendees. This often involves the use of whiteboards and charts which can lose their meaning if they are flipped over in the video.

Why do I see a mirrored camera?

Like most smartphones and webcams, Google automatically flips the video preview for you. This is an ongoing trend over the past decade that has a lot to do with the popularity of selfies and the introduction of dedicated selfie cameras on smartphones. Humans are used to seeing their image upside down due to the daily use of real mirrors in our lives. Most of us are used to looking at our image upside down, so seeing a non-mirror image of ourselves can often be jarring for many users.

To combat this jarring experience and to provide a more aesthetic and selfie-friendly environment, companies have begun mirroring smartphone video previews to resemble an everyday mirror. This trend quickly caught on and is now available in virtually every service that captures video from any electronic device, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or dedicated camera.

How to mirror the camera in Google Meet

As stated above, the video is flipped / played for your preview only and appears un-mirrored for your audience. Hence, it is not necessary to turn it upside down. If you still want to flip your video for meeting attendees in Google Meet, you can do so using one of the guides below depending on your system. Let’s take a look at the procedure.

On Mac

To flip the video feed when using Google Meet on a Mac, you must first launch the Quicktime Player app on your Mac from the “Launchpad”.

How to flip or mirror the camera on Google Meet

Now you need to create a virtual video feed within Quicktime Player, which you can do by clicking on “File” in the upper left corner and selecting the “New Movie Recording” option.

How to flip or mirror the camera on Google Meet

You will now be shown a QuickTime recording screen with a video preview. You can now proceed to launch Google Meet on Google Chrome and join a meeting where you want to show the video mirrored / flipped.

Within the meeting screen, click the “Present Now” option at the bottom of the screen and select the “One Window” option.

How to flip or mirror the camera on Google Meet

Now you will be asked to select the QuickTime window you want to share with others. This window is where you can see a flipped video preview of your video. Select the window and click the “Share” button within the dialog box to start showing your video upside down.

And this is all. Meeting attendees should now be able to view a flipped video from the camera feed.

On Windows

Note: While using the default camera app worked for us on most devices, some manufacturers are known to limit the functionality to mirror video to the device. If your default camera app doesn’t mirror your video, simply download Snap Camera from this link and follow the guide below. But instead of presenting the “Camera” app in the meeting, it presents the preview from the Snap Camera app. (Make sure you don’t accidentally use Snapchat filters in a professional setting).

Launch the camera app on your Windows 10 system. You can click the “Start” button and search for it. Once the camera app option appears, click Open.

How to flip or mirror the camera on Google Meet

Now the app will automatically show you a video preview where your image will be flipped.

How to flip or mirror the camera on Google Meet

Launch your browser and join the Google Meet meeting where you want to present the upside-down video. Click on “Present Now” which you will see in the lower right of the screen.

How to flip or mirror the camera on Google Meet

Select ” A window “.

How to flip or mirror the camera on Google Meet

Now select the camera app window with the flipped video preview, then click “Share” to select it.

How to flip or mirror the camera on Google Meet

Your flipped video feed from the camera preview will now be displayed to all meeting participants.

Using a Chrome extension

If you are casting your screen and want to flip specific content / video on the webpage, we recommend using one of these Chrome extensions.

You can add a Chrome extension for Flip screen if you want to flip all the text on the webpage you are broadcasting. This extension turns all content on the web page upside down.

How to flip or mirror the camera on Google Meet

If you want to flip video content only, we recommend using the Video Mirror . It will flip content on videos and is also compatible with Google Meet.

How to flip the camera without sharing the screen

The methods we have explained above allow you to flip the camera view on your computer via the built-in camera applications and then share them as a slideshow to give a mirror effect. If you don’t want to share your screen to be able to flip the camera view, but want others to see a mirrored version of yourself directly from the camera source, this method can help you achieve this.

Please note that we are using a third party app – Snap Camera to make it work and if you are familiar with this application on your computer, mirroring content from your camera will be much easier.

We can divide this process into three parts: installing the Snap Camera software, applying filters to reverse the camera, and activating the Snap camera within Google Meet.

Install and configure Snap Camera on your computer

If you are familiar with downloading and installing applications for your Windows or Mac computer, you can go directly to the download page of Snap Camera . In case you are not used to the ordeal, you can consult the guide we have prepared in the link below to download and install Snap Camera on your PC.

Once Snap Camera has been installed on your computer, you cannot start using it right away. You have to grant it permission to access your camera as modern operating systems have an extensive set of privacy and security controls. In order for Snap Camera to work, you will need to enable access to your camera so that it can modify your camera input and change it according to your preferences.

You can enable camera access on your PC by following these steps:

On Mac : Click the “System Preferences” icon on your Mac, go to Security & Privacy> Privacy> Camera and check the box next to Snap Camera.

How to flip or mirror the camera on Google Meet

On Windows : press the shortcut “Windows key + I”, go to Privacy> Camera, activate the switches adjacent to “Allow apps to access your camera” and “Take camera”.

How to flip or mirror the camera on Google Meet

Apply an “Inverted” filter from Snap Camera

When Snap Camera has been granted camera access, you can go ahead and apply one of the available filters that allows you to mirror your camera feed. You can apply any snap camera lens from the following links: Link 1 | Connection 2 | Connection 3 | Connection 4 | Connection 5 .

In case none of these camera filters can be applied, you can check community-created filters within the Snap Camera app by searching for “invert”, “mirror” or “flip”.

When you select a Snap Camera filter that inverts or flips the visual feed from your camera, you should be able to see the inverted view as a preview directly on the Snap Camera application. You are now ready to use the filter in a Google Meet session.

Note : Snap camera should be open and active all the time until the meeting is live.

Enable Snap Camera as the default input

Now that you’ve applied the inverted or mirrored look inside Snap Camera, it’s time to enable Snap Camera inside Google Meet. Since even now Google Meet can only be accessed via a web browser, you need to make sure you are using a web browser that allows you to switch input devices for the different websites you visit. For example, Google Chrome, Brave, and Firefox – all allow users to apply Snap Camera as the default camera for a website. But the same can’t be said for Safari on macOS as Apple restricts apps from accessing Safari. third parties for privacy reasons.

So, if you’re using Google Chrome, Brave, or Firefox, you can enable Snap Camera within Google Meet by joining or starting a meeting. Once you’re in the meeting, click the vertical ellipsis button (3-dot icon) in the lower right corner. Now press “Settings”.

Within the dialog that appears, click on the “Video” tab from the left sidebar.

From here, select “Snap Camera” as your default camera in the “Camera” section. You can close this dialog box by clicking on the “X” icon in the upper right corner.

This is pretty much all. When you successfully make this method work for you, the end result will look like this.

Here you can see that the screenshot captured the meeting screen with the texts being mirrored in the way you are able to read them. If this has not been mirrored, the captured screenshot will show the book with the text reversed

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