How to forward WhatsApp messages without the "forwarded" flag

How to forward WhatsApp messages without the “forwarded” flag

WhatsApp is not an app, it is basically the app. It is the most popular and most used application and is already part of the way we speak and communicate.

Yet it has not yet been possible to solve the function for which Whatsapp forces you to let the user know that the text message he has just received in a chat window has been forwarded, that is, that it comes from another conversation and not from the one you are having with that chat contact.

Forward a message without letting it know

But, as is usually the case with these things, for every problem there is a brilliant solution. And it’s a really simple trick to use an app tool that has been implemented for years: the Copy and Paste function.

Within any chat you have on WhatsApp, try pressing and holding on a certain message. It will appear highlighted and a series of icons will open just above the message or at the top of the chat window. Depending on the version of the app / mobile phone brand, the icon of two overlapping squares -copy- will appear, or you will have to click on the icon with three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the window so that the icon appears. ‘Copy option.

Once you have the copied message, go to the text window, press and hold the blank space and WhatsApp will give us the option to paste the copied text. When you click send, the message will not appear as forwarded, as we have not used that function, but it will turn out as if we wrote it.

A message forwarded without appearing as such, as you can see in the screenshot above with the text of “Ok”.

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