How to get a replacement AirPod and what you need to know before you do it

How to get a replacement AirPod and what you need to know before you do it

If you’ve accidentally damaged or lost one or both of your AirPods or charging case, or if you need to replace your battery or earphones then be aware that Apple – or an Apple Authorized Service Provider – can provide support for your product.

Whether or not you will have to pay for your service depends on the problem you have and whether it is covered by the warranty. How much you pay will depend on whether or not you have AppleCare and what you need to repair or replace.

Here are the different service and repair options Apple offers for AirPods.

How to replace your Apple AirPods

To get your AirPods fixed, you have several options. First, you can take it to an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider. You will need to have your AirPods and the serial number on hand, which you can find on the charging case, on the original sales receipt or on the original AirPods packaging.

If you prefer to ship your product to Apple for service, call Apple Support . Before you speak to an Apple Support Consultant, be sure to locate the number of your device. It will take about a week to get the replacement AirPods or charging case. You can check the status of a service request here.

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How to replace your Apple AirPods Pro for free

Apple has a service program free for some models of AirPods Pro with audio problems. Applies to affected units manufactured before October 2020. Audio issues for affected AirPods Pro may include popping or static noises when exercising or talking on the phone, and Active Noise Canceling is not working as it should (basic sound loss or hear more background sounds).

Apple will provide free support to affected AirPods Pro. You can make an appointment and take them to an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider, or call Apple Support to send in your AirPods for assistance. Once Apple receives your product, it will first be reviewed to determine whether or not it is eligible for the program. Apple will be replacing AirPods Pro with a confirmed sound problem. AirPods Pro cases are not affected by the sound issue and will not be replaced. Please note that this program covers affected AirPods Pro units for two years after purchase.

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Understanding Your AirPod Warranty

Depending on what problem you’re having with your AirPods or charging case, you may not have to pay to have them repaired, as long as the problem is covered by Apple’s one-year limited warranty, AppleCare +, or laws for consumers. You’ll have to pay out-of-warranty fees to have your AirPods repaired if your repair isn’t covered by any of these three things.

Apple’s one-year limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in Apple-branded iPhones and accessories (such as AirPods) for one year, starting from the date of purchase of the product. It does not cover damage caused by an accident or unauthorized modification of an Apple product. You can check the status of your coverage here .

AppleCare + for Headphones extends Apple’s one-year limited warranty to two years (effective date of purchase of AppleCare +). Covers up to two accidental damage incidents every 12 months, subject to a $ 29 service fee per incident (plus applicable taxes). Customers with AppleCare + can return the damaged AirPods and / or charging case to Apple and they will replace the items. You can check the status of your coverage here .

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Finally, depending on the country or region where you live or where you purchased your Apple product, your repair may be covered by consumer protection laws. You can find out about your consumer law rights in your region here .

Whether you’re under warranty or not, Apple has one after-sales guarantee . Apple warrants any service provided to its products for 90 days or until the Apple warranty expires, whichever is longer. This warranty applies to products served directly by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Replacing damaged AirPods versus lost AirPods

If one or both of your AirPods are physically damaged or the charging case is damaged, Apple can replace them for an out-of-warranty fee . If AppleCare + covers your device, you will be charged a service fee for each incident.

For AirPods Max, the AppleCare + fee per accident is $ 29, and the out-of-warranty fee depends on the type of repair required. You will need to ask an Apple support representative for a quote.

For AirPods Pro, the AppleCare + rate per incident is $ 29 and the out-of-warranty rate is $ 89 for AirPods or charging case.

For AirPods, the AppleCare + rate per incident is $ 29 and the out of warranty rate is $ 69 for AirPods, $ 59 for a charging case, and $ 69 for a wireless charging case. Note that all out-of-warranty rates are also subject to tax, plus a $ 6.95 shipping fee.

If you’ve lost one or both of your AirPods or charging case, you can buy a new one to replace it. Unfortunately, AppleCare + for headphones doesn’t cover AirPods that have been lost or stolen. The lost rate for AirPods Pro is $ 89 each and $ 99 for the charging case.

The lost rate for AirPods is $ 69 each, $ 59 for a charging case, and $ 79 for a wireless charging case. Lost charges are also subject to tax, plus a $ 6.95 shipping fee. Before requesting a replacement, you can use the Find My app to locate lost AirPods .

AirPod battery service and AirPod Pro tip replacement

For battery-related issues covered by Apple’s limited warranty, AppleCare +, or consumer law, Apple will provide free AirPods support. Note that this does not include batteries that have worn out from regular use.

For these cases, Apple offers a paid out-of-warranty battery service. The exception to this rule are products covered by AppleCare + with a battery that retains less than 80% of its original capacity. In these cases, Apple will service the battery at no additional cost.

The battery service fee is $ 79 for AirPods Max, $ 49 for each AirPod or AirPod Pro, and $ 49 for charging cases. Battery service rates are also subject to tax and $ 6.95 for shipping. For tips on how to charge the AirPods, check this out Apple support link .

For flexible silicone tips that plug into AirPods Pro, Apple will replace these tips at no additional cost, as long as Apple’s limited warranty covers the issue. In case you have lost earphones or if you just want to have extras on hand, you can buy them on the Apple Online Store with free shipping.

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