How to get hands-free driving directions on your Android

How to get hands-free driving directions on your Android

“Hey Google, take me home” is a voice command for the Google Assistant that opens the Google Maps app and starts a route to your home address.

It is most easily used on Android devices, which they already use Google Assistant as the default virtual assistant. However, Apple users can also install the Google Assistant app and use it separately or together with Siri.

This voice command is performed by the Google Assistant and can be used once a Google Maps home address has been set or changed. Once everything is set up, you can open the Google Assistant or Google Maps to use the command.

For Android users, all you have to do is set the home address and then say “Hey Google, take me home” or “Ok Google, take me home”. The Google Assistant will open Google Maps and find the fastest route home.

For Apple users, you’ll need to install and configure Google Assistant, then set your home address to Google Maps.

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