How to get marine lanterns in Minecraft

How to get marine lanterns in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game with an infinite sandbox world, where players can explore, build and discover almost anything. To accommodate the infinite sandbox aspect, Minecraft has a myriad of different objects within the game. While some items are used for their specific abilities, such as the Totem of Undying, other items are used to decorate and beautify players’ buildings and structures.

Decorative blocks are some of the most used blocks for construction. Players want their build to look elegant and presentable, and blocks like prismarine, terra cotta, and even brick can turn a build into something special. Also, some blocks can act as light sources. These are good for both decoration and lighting certain areas of a structure. One such block is the marine lantern.

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Sea lanterns are beautiful underwater light sources that spawn in underwater structures such as ocean monuments and underwater ruins.

They emit a bluish, ghostly level 15 light, which is the brightest light level in the game that can help players navigate the oceans of Minecraft.

Other blocks that produce a light level of 15 are redstone lamps, luminescent stone, lanterns, jack o’lanterns, beacons, shroomlights, and conduits.

How to get them

Spells Like Silk Touch Are Effective (Image via Minecraft)
Spells Like Silk Touch Are Effective (Image via Minecraft)

Sea lanterns can only be picked up by the player using a pickaxe if they have applied the “Silk Touch” spell. If the block is broken by anything other than a silk touch pickaxe, it releases 2-3 prismarine crystals. Using the “Luck” spell, players can increase the number of prismarine crystals released from the block from 2-3 to 5.


Marine lanterns can be crafted on a crafting bench in Minecraft. They require two resources: prismarine shards and prismarine crystals. The required ingredients are:

5 Prismarine Crystals

4 fragments of Prismarine


In addition to emitting light, marine lanterns can be used for a host of other activities. These can be listed as follows:

Power line

A working conduit (Image via RajCraft on YouTube)
A working conduit (Image via RajCraft on YouTube)

Players can use sea lanterns in the process of activating a conduit. This is done by building a structure around it. This will allow the conduit to emit the “Conducted Power” effect in a specific radius around it.

The “Conduit Power” effect provides any player in its range with three underwater status effects, which include Water Breathing, Night Vision and Haste. This function can also be performed by prismarine, dark prismarine and prismarine bricks.

Note blocks

A notepad in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
A notepad in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

When placed underneath the note pads, marine lanterns produce the “Click and Sticks” sound.

Transparent block

The sea lantern is a transparent block, which means that it prevents sunlight from passing through it and that players and mobs can suffocate inside. It also blocks the range of a Beacon, which prevents the Beacon from being activated. However, it doesn’t prevent chests from opening and no monsters (not even slimes) can spawn on it. More importantly, it does not transfer redstone signals.

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