How to get rich with vehicles in GTA Online

How to get rich with vehicles in GTA Online

How do you get rich with Vehicle Cargo and Special Office Cargo in GTA Online? If you own an office in Los Santos, you will be able to learn how to become a CEO, log into SecuroServ and enrich yourself with special loading and vehicle loading activities.

However, if you still need to buy executive property, you can find the best office to buy via the link. As part of our GTA Online guide, we will explain how to manage and manage your new businesses so that you can enrich yourself with special cargo and vehicle cargo.
You can also learn how to get rich with disco warehouse management and How to make money in general.

GTA Online: How To Get Rich With Vehicle Cargo & Special Office Cargo

GTA Online: How to Earn Money with Vehicle Cargo and Special Office Cargo Guide 1

To get rich with Vehicle Cargo and Special Office Cargo, you must first find out which is the Best Office to Buy. Once you’ve bought an Office, head over to it and watch the opening movies. Eventually, you will be able to learn how to become a CEO and log into your desktop computer. Log in to purchase a Vehicle Cargo or Special Cargo business.

GTA Online: The Best Vehicle Warehouse to Purchase

GTA Online: How To Make Money With Vehicle Loading Guide - Best Warehouse To Buy 1

Before you can start earning with vehicle cargo, you will need to purchase a vehicle warehouse. There are 9 vehicle warehouses you can purchase. They are:

  • La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse: GTA $ 2,735,000
  • LSIA Vehicle Warehouse: GTA $ 2,170,000
  • LSIA Vehicle Warehouse: GTA $ 2,300,000
  • Davis Vehicle Warehouse: GTA $ 2,495,000
  • Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse: GTA $ 2,850,000
  • El Burro Heights Vehicle Warehouse: GTA $ 1,635,000
  • La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse: GTA $ 1,500,000
  • Cypress Flats Vehicle Warehouse: GTA $ 2,675,000
  • Elysian Island Vehicle Warehouse: GTA $ 1,950,000

The best vehicle warehouse to buy will depend on your office location, but we recommend that you select one with good road access that is as high on the map as possible. This is because you will generally travel north to deliver the cargo of vehicles and will largely have to travel along the highway to do so. You will also spend a lot of time traveling between your office and the vehicle warehouse to complete vehicle loading missions.

Vehicle loading: how to get rich

GTA Online: How To Make Money With Vehicle Cargo Guide 2

Once you own a vehicle warehouse, you will need to complete the installation mission which will explain the cycle of how to make money off vehicle loading. In fact, your goal is to find vehicles and then sell them. To start a Vehicle Loading mission, select the Vehicle Warehouse from the computer terminal in your office and select the Vehicle Source button. Before you leave your office to steal your car, you can speak to your executive assistant and have him arrange for the delivery of your personal vehicle or stock up on snacks.

GTA Online: How To Make Money With Vehicle Cargo Guide 3

There are several types of missions that you need to complete to acquire the vehicle cargo, however in almost all cases you will need to return it to the vehicle warehouse without damaging it. Any damage you take, you will have to pay for it.

GTA Online: How To Make Money With Vehicle Cargo Guide 4

Once inside your vehicle warehouse, you will be able to log into your computer from the business office to view your warehouse. There are three types of Vehicle Loads that you can find: Standard Range, Mid Range and High Range. Each type can be exported for different amounts of money, ranging from GTA $ 30,000 to GTA $ 100,000. There are 32 different vehicles in total and they will never be duplicated:

  • Standard range: 10 vehicles
  • Medium range: 10 vehicles
  • Top of the range: 12 vehicles

Since vehicles do not duplicate, you can effectively fill your vehicle warehouse with 20 standard and mid-range vehicles if you don’t export them. This will ensure that every time you launch a vehicle of origin mission, you are guaranteed to get a top-of-the-range vehicle, allowing you to flip it over to make more money. Therefore, you should only export high-end vehicle goods.

GTA Online: How To Make Money With Vehicle Cargo Guide 5

You should also only ever export to the specialist dealer. You’ll have to pay upfront for some high-end tweaks, but that will ensure maximum overall profit. Just like when you steal your car, any damage you suffer during delivery will be deducted from your overall sale. A good idea is to purchase a Cargobob (See also: GTA Online: The Best Cars and Vehicles To Buy), which allows you to carry the vehicle’s cargo in the air, thus avoiding potential accidents that can occur on the road. Be aware, however, that rival players will be able to see that you are exporting the vehicle load to the map and may attempt to attack you.

GTA Online: The best backlots and garages to buy

GTA Online: How To Make Money With Special Cargo 6 Guide

While dealing with cargo instead of vehicles, the Special Cargo activity is set up similarly to Cargo for Vehicles. Again, you will need to purchase a backlot or garage to store your products. These are divided into three types: Small, Medium or Large. These all contain different amounts of product and you can own five Backlots or Garages at the same time. We recommend purchasing two, as there are five minutes of charging associated with the crate missions that can be avoided if you have more than one. Since you can only conduct one mission sale at a time, however, owning more than two is overkill.

As for the best Backlots and Garages to buy, we recommend purchasing a Large and a Medium and selecting a location close to your other businesses, including your office and vehicle warehouse. This will allow you to travel between all three quickly and effectively.

Special cargo: how many crates to buy

GTA Online: How To Make Money With Special Cargo 7 Guide

Once you own a backlot or garage, you will want to fill it with the product. You can choose to acquire 1 Crate, 2 Crates, or 3 Crates at a time. Buying each speaker individually involves a lower initial cost, but takes more time. Therefore it is recommended to buy 3 speakers at a time. While this is technically less profitable, it is a quicker method of making money with Special Cargo.

Special load: how to get rich

GTA Online: How To Make Money With Special Cargo 8 Guide

To make money with the Special Cargo, you will need to start a Crate mission, collect the Special Cargo and deliver it to your lot or garage. Keep in mind that other players can and will try to get in your way, so consider using an armored vehicle like the Karin Kuruma (armored) or the Nightshark (see also: GTA Online: Best Cars and Vehicles To Buy) to give yourself at least some for protection while trying to deliver your crates.

GTA Online: How To Make Money With Special Cargo 10 Guide

Once you have collected some special cargo, you can sell it at a profit. Accumulating multiple special cargoes will attract the highest bidders, so always sell to the most profitable buyer. If you are playing alone, do not flip more than 9 crates at the same time, as you will have to use multiple delivery vehicles and you will not have time to complete the transaction, losing valuable profits.

GTA Online: How To Make Money With Special Cargo 9 Guide

While trying to sell special cargoes, you may be attacked by rival players and companies. One thing you can do to combat this is to interact with the red toolbox in your Backlot or Garage and purchase upgrades for the delivery vehicle. These are spread across trucks, planes and boats to understand the different types of missions you will encounter.

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