How to hide your number when you make a phone call from your mobile

How to hide your number when you make a phone call from your mobile

Do you want to hide your number from caller ID while calling? All smartphones are coming with the feature to block caller ID. Once you change the settings, you can block the caller ID, on the recipient’s phone it will show as Unknown number or Anonymous call while you call them.

This is a good precaution when dealing with an unfamiliar person or calling an unfamiliar number.

This article describes several methods to block your phone number when calling from Android or iPhone.

Editor’s Note: all of these changes may vary by country and by telephone service providers. While making calls, there is a workaround to change the display number or use a virtual number. Just in case, if you don’t want to use your phone to make calls, you can use your computer to make anonymous calls without revealing your phone number.

Temporarily block your number with * 67 (iPhone, Android, landline)

This method allows you to block the caller ID with the prefix * 67 for any type of service provider. It is not dependent on the mobile platform or service provider. This prefix number * 67 will work with Android, iPhone And telephones fixed in the United States . You can block caller ID simply by adding the prefix “* 67” followed by a 10-digit number. You can try this for toll-free numbers starting with 1. In that case, you need to dial the country (“1” for US) after * 67. The call format will be as below, “xxx” represents the phone number you want to dial.

Block Caller ID Dial Format: ID Dial Format *67-XXX-XXX-XXXX
caller block : ID composition format 141-XXX-XXX-XXXX
caller block: #31#-XXX-XXX-XXXX

It is recommended to use # 31 # before dialing the phone number to block caller ID and make anonymous calls from HSPA / UMTS networks. For other network users, dial the same * 67 prefixes before making the call to withhold your number. However, we recommend that you try your phone on a known number before making the anonymous call.

Unknown call prefix

The Prefix method described above to hide your phone number and make unknown calls for temporary. But if you want to permanently disable your Caller ID for all calls, there is a separate setting for both iPhone and Android OS.

Permanently block caller ID on iPhone

iPhone has a built-in feature to block caller ID and hide your number when making outgoing calls. You can enable this feature to permanently block Caller ID on iPhone by following these steps.

  1. Start the iOS settings
  2. Scroll down and select Phone
  3. Select Show my caller ID in CALLS.
  4. Deactivate Show my caller ID

iOS Hide Caller IDThis setting will hide your number for all outgoing calls. Although this is an operating system setting, it may change slightly depending on the country and service provider. However, you can try the location specified in the screenshot to make sure these settings are available on your phone to mask the phone number for outgoing numbers.

Permanently block your number on Android

The Android phone also offers an option to hide your number when calling any number. The setting may be slightly different on different Android phones. However, we provide a generic solution that matches most Android phones. Please refer to Android settings here to set unknown phone number for outgoing calls.

  1. April phone settings Android
  2. Select Call settings
  3. Touch Additional call settings
  4. Select Caller ID .
  5. Deactivate Caller ID.

Block Caller ID on Android Pixel

Also, we tested this feature on Android Oreo with Google Pixel. To disable Caller ID on Google Pixel with Android Oreo, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the app phone Android
  2. Touch Settings a 3 points
  3. Select calls
  4. Touch Additional settings
  5. Select Caller ID
  6. Deactivate Caller ID

How to block caller ID on Windows Phone

Windows: the Windows Mobile platform has the same functionality as iOS and Android to block caller ID for outgoing number. You can refer here for more details. From, Windows phone,

  1. Go to the Home screen
  2. Select Start
  3. Scroll and select Settings
  4. Select phone
  5. Scroll and select Caller ID
  6. Please provide my caller ID
  7. Scroll left or right to None or My contacts only
  8. Select Done
  9. Select Done again
  10. Select Done again.

Editor’s Note: the above workouts may not be effective in your country. It depends on the rules and regulations of each country and the restrictions of your telephone service provider.

Hide Caller ID with Google Hangout

You can use the Google Hangout service to dial any number for free. You can download Google Hangout from PlayStore for Android users or iTunes for iPhone users. All calls from Google Hangout will show as unknown number .

Make sure you haven’t verified your number with Google Hangout Setting to hide your number when you call. If you’ve already verified your number with Google Hangout, this verified number may appear when you initiate the call.

Editor’s Note: make sure you are using the Google Hangout service, not Google Voice. Google Voice will display the registered Google Voice number if you set to display the Google Voice setting number. If you have no problem with revealing your Google Voice number, see the instructions here to use Google Voice as your second free phone number for Android?

Hide phone number with secondary number

There are paid apps from the iTunes Store to get a second iPhone phone number. These numbers can also be used to maintain your privacy by hiding your primary number. This is ideal for you where you don’t disclose our original number for security or privacy reasons. These secondary phone numbers can be used for some time for any business transaction or other service, and after a period, you can delete this number.

Based on the operating system and phone you use, you can select apps to generate a secondary phone number for making anonymous calls. You can get free or premium secondary phone number apps for iPhone and Android users.

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Use disposable phone number to hide caller ID

Disposable phone number apps are a workaround for hiding your number for a period of time and trashing the number. It is a one time payment solution and use it for a special purpose and throw it away. Please use one of these disposable phone numbers for a short time to make calls. Once you have completed using this number, you can stop the service of this number and burn the number. This will allow you to keep your main number private.

You can make anonymous calls from your phone with a few simple tweaks. Blocking Caller ID is a simple and essential trick when dealing with an unknown person or calling back an unfamiliar number. Just for your safety, you can hide phone numbers with these solutions described here and still make unknown calls with the method specified here.

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