How to insert a checkbox in Excel

How to insert a checkbox in Excel

If you want to create a basic checklist or form in your spreadsheet, one control you will need is an interactive checkbox. You can insert and format a checkbox in Excel in just a few clicks.

How to add a checkbox in Excel

To work with form controls in Excel as a checkbox, you will go to the Developer tab. If you don’t see it with the other tabs above, take a look at how to add the Developer tab in Excel.

Go to the Controls section of the ribbon and click the Insert drop-down arrow. At the top of the pop-up menu under Form Controls, select Check Box.

Click Insert and select Check Box

You will see your cursor change into a crosshair symbol. Click and drag to draw the checkbox on the sheet where you want it and release. You can resize the checkbox after initially drawing it by dragging a corner or edge.

Draw a checkbox in Excel

When the checkbox opens on your sheet, it includes a default name, Checkbox 1. You can edit that text by selecting it and typing in the new text or by right-clicking the control and choosing “Edit Text”.

Change the text

And there you have it! You have a checkbox ready to use in Excel. Click the box to check it and click again to deselect it.

Format a checkbox in Excel

You can display the checkbox as checked, unchecked or mixed, as well as apply it to a particular cell and add a shadow.

Right click on the check box control and choose “Format Control” from the menu.

Select Format Control

When the Format Control window opens, confirm that you are on the Control tab. You will then see Value options at the top to choose from for how you want the box to appear.

Please select a value

Tip: The Mixed option is useful if you are using VBA where you want the checkbox state to be neither checked (True) nor unchecked (False) until an action is taken.

Later, you can add a link to the cell if you want to link the checkbox to a particular cell. Enter the cell reference or click inside the Cell Link box, then select the cell on the sheet.

Add a link to the cell

If you want to improve the look of the checkbox, you can mark the option for 3D Shading.

Apply 3D shading

Click “OK” after you have finished making changes and you will see the updated checkbox.

Formatting in Excel check box

If you don’t need to use an interactive control in your spreadsheet, you can also just put a check mark in Excel.

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