How to lower the temperature of a cell phone in the summer

How to lower the temperature of a cell phone in the summer

We have practically crossed the equator of summer 2020 and are out of the first heatwave, although according to experts we may have another one next weekend – these days the temperatures are finally doing justice to the season we are in. And the increase in heat also causes an increase in the temperature of all the electronic devices we use and, unless we are in an air-conditioned place, simply fiddling with the mobile already leads to the temperature of this being above usual. And if we wear it in our pants, we notice that the battery area is warmer than normal.

Higher temperatures more than usual overuse – social networks, GPS, never turn it off, apps that consume a lot, can contribute to excessive overheating of our smartphone.

Does it also happen to your smartphone? Do you notice that by taking it for 5 minutes the temperature is already triggered? Try some of these tips to see if you can reduce the internal heat of the appliance:

Remove the cover if it is hot

We know how expensive cell phones are today. This is why we protect them with covers of all types and degrees of utility that also speak of ourselves. But in the heat of the summer heat, is better remove the terminal from the case, especially if it is black, so that it ‘breathes’, because it must be taken into account that unlike a PC or a console, a mobile phone does not have an internal cooling fan.

If you notice that it is too hot, take it off the lid for a while to lower the temperature . And do this especially if you are planning to upload it , at which point the smartphone can reach its highest temperature due to the charging process. If you can, leave it on a surface other than wood or a textile material.

Close the apps you don’t use

Using your mobile phone to entertain is now a habit, but surfing the Internet long and intensely, playing with an app that requires a lot of processing by the mobile CPU or having the GPS always activated not only drains the battery of the device, but does also cause the processor to reach dangerous temperatures.

Try doing these things one at a time or take a break on the phone as it cools down. Closing apps that you don’t use and that are open in the background is another option: if you won’t be using Facebook, your web browser or Netflix, for example, within a few hours, close it. And if you need an outside hand, with the app like this one from Cooler for Android you can check the temperature of the terminal, avoid overheating and pay attention to the state of the phone.

Clean up the dust

In the computer world, a dirty and dusty fan is a common cause of PC overheating. In the mobile world, the same. Poor ventilation and accumulation of dust even in the most open areas it leads directly to a rise in internal temperature, and in summer it is the worst thing that can happen to us.

If your smartphone has a closed chassis (without a lid), we can clean the exposed parts such as the charging port, the audio socket, the speaker with a mixture of water and alcohol . If the lid can be removed, it will be easier to clean the heat evacuation areas.

Check the battery

Another overheating element could be in a battery that is not working as it should. Normally the average life of a battery ranges from 300 to 500 charge cycles, between 1-2 years depending on how we use it. After that time you should consider changing the battery to avoid bumps, and above all not to buy a cheap one to save a few euros. Choose the model that carries your phone or third party ones that the manufacturer recommends.

Give your cell phone a break

We know it’s a device, but while it’s made to last, you have to also know how to take care of it . Leaving it in the sun is always a bad idea, and leaving it in the summer is madness that you will check especially if the cellphone is metallic. The same if you leave it in a car parked in the sun even if it is “safe”, as the temperature inside a vehicle usually rises as much as 20 degrees above the outside.

But nothing better to cool a cell phone than to turn it off directly , either when you go to sleep or when you know we won’t be using it for a long time. Take care of him and in return he will not scare you this summer.

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