How to make a copy of your Facebook photos on Google Drive

How to make a copy of your Facebook photos on Google Drive

Facebook is one of the social networks most frequented by users. Despite the scandals that have brought it under control, the company appears to have recovered and is doing its part to do things right. In one of its latest updates, it put something they had been working on since September in the testing phase, namely Facebook will allow you to copy your photos to Google Drive.

How to Backup Facebook Photos to the Cloud

The answer to this question may be very simple, but Facebook’s solution has arrived today. Until now, if you load media into the application, you can have the original copy on your terminal, be it a mobile phone or a computer, but it never hurts to make an additional backup. For this it is the new Facebook feature .

It is made up a new rescue tool that allows you to back up to a cloud service . This feature has been rolling out in Ireland since last December and is finally expanding to the rest of the world. It’s a new feature that combines the different functions that allow you to download all data stored on Mark Zuckerberg’s corporate servers.

Procedures for exporting to Google Drive

If you want to access this new function, we will explain in short steps how you need to do it. If, to set up the backup of your photos, you will have to do it from your PC. This is the whole procedure that only works on Google Drive. We will have to wait to see if those at Menlo Park expand the options for all users of the different cloud services that exist.

  • Open your Facebook profile
  • Select the arrow on the left side of the top bar
  • Open Settings
  • Select your Facebook information
  • Click where it says Transfer a copy of photos and videos
  • Enter your password and select Google Photos

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