How to make stone polished in Minecraft

How to make stone polished in Minecraft

Playing at Minecraft and exploring your world within the game, you have collected numerous materials, from the rarest to the most common, and you have built your own home in which to save your belongings and sleep at night.

However, looking at the stone floor and walls made you want to improve the aesthetics a little and turn the stone into something more beautiful to look at. This is solid and functional, but you would want a more suitable material for your builds. i’m right, right?

Why not use the Polished stone as a building material? You’ve thought about it but you don’t know how to make polished stone in minecraft ? Don’t worry: if you want, I’m here to help you.

How to make polished stone in Minecraft step by step

Before showing you the steps that will lead you to get the Polished stone let me tell you a little about the Rock and its derivatives in the world of Minecraft.

Basic information on materials

You may have noticed that rock / stone is one of the most common materials in the Minecraft world. You can find it without even digging, or by removing a few blocks of dirt on the surface, and you can collect it using a simple Ear of wood .

To build a wooden pickaxe just take a few pieces of Madeira from a tree, even with bare hands, and work i Logs of Wood obtained to create at least 5 units of Boards wooden .

Working around 2 units of wooden planks you can get 4 pieces of wooden sticks , 2 of which you will need to build your wooden pickaxe. Put on a workbench 2 pieces of wooden sticks And 3 units of wooden planks you can get a wooden pickaxe that can pick up stone.

At this point, you are ready to take action and collect the Stone – let’s see how.

How to get the smooth stone

As you may have noticed, when you collect the Stone with a Pickaxe you get Crushed , which represents the product of the breaking of the stone block. Despite the fact that this block is quite useful and perfectly capable of serving as a building material, you are surely wondering how to make from him there polished stone in Minecraft .

Well, to get this material you first need to create a oven which allows you to work the crushed stone blocks you obtained earlier. If you don’t know how, interact in a Work and place, in the appropriate spaces, 8 units of Crushed Stone .

This way you will get an oven that is already working, but you can make it more efficient by adding more tools, baking utensils.

Good. Once you’ve built your oven, make sure you have some fuel to power it. While you can use wooden logs, wooden planks, or even wooden sticks as fuel, I recommend using a more suitable material.

For example, you can get from Dig coal until you find raw coal which you can collect using a stone pickaxe . Alternatively you can use the coal obtained by cooking wood logs in the oven.

Now that you’ve got fuel and you’ve got debris, place the oven on the ground .

The creation of the Polished Stone takes place in two steps.

The first step is to cook the crushed stone, so that it interacts with the oven. Now place 1 unit of crushed stone in the upper block e 1 unit of fuel in the lower block to create some rock .

Now that you’ve created some stone, interact with the oven again: 1 stone unit in the upper block e 1 unit of fuel in the lower block, in case the fuel runs out. This way you will get the polished stone .

As you can see, making smooth stones in Minecraft is really simple. With this block you can build aesthetically better structures compared to structures in stone or rock.

The Polished Stone, in fact, is also one of the materials necessary for the realization of one Oven tool a very useful tool in the late stages of the game.

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