How to make the invisible potion in Minecraft

How to make the invisible potion in Minecraft

You are a huge fan of Minecraft, the iconic Mojang sandbox title, and you have now managed to visit many biomes and areas of the game map. You have a lot of fun and you can make many objects, but one in particular gives you some headaches. Invisibility potion . It’s so true? Well then I think you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, in fact, I will illustrate in detail how to make invisibility potion in minecraft . I will really explain everything to you, starting with how to find and create all the elements necessary to make this useful object in the game’s Survival mode and, if you are interested, I will also tell you about the extended version of the potion. In short: keep reading and you will find all the information you need.

The following guidelines apply to all versions of Minecraft, so don’t worry about the platform or device you’re using – you’ll be sure to achieve your goal. Just follow the quick instructions below. That said, I have nothing to do but wish you a good read and have fun.

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to make invisibility potion in minecraft, I think you will be interested in learning more about the elements that make up this item.

Well the Potion of Invisibility which does not allow to be seen, exists in 2 variants the one that resists for 3 minutes and the duration of 8 minutes . Either way, you have to use the distillation to create them

I leave, therefore, the necessary elements to create potions. The first thing you need is a Still what is the object used for “Mix the ingredients . This element is created by joining, into a bench from Work , 1 Blaze Rod And 3 units of gravel .

If you don’t know how to do the bases I invite you to take a look at my guides on how to make a workbench and how to survive in minecraft. In particular, in this last guide I explained how to build all the necessary objects in the early stages of the Survival mode .

With regard to the rod of Blaze obtained by defeating i Blaze of the enemies that are in a certain area of ​​the game called Nether . To get to the latter, I recommend that you consult my guide on how to make the Nether portal.

El record is around the map Just break the … block with the peak . If you want to go further, you can follow my tutorial on how to make a cobblestone generator, aka a gravel block generator .

Once you have created the still, you will need a blister which will serve as container for your potion. A blister is created by joining 3 glass units through bench from Work . To find the parent, I recommend that you take a look at my guide on how to make glass in minecraft.

Once you have these items, you will need more to help you achieve your goal. In particular, you will need 1 Nether wart which is one red plant which is normally found close to fortress stairs of the Nether .

Also, you need 1 golden carrot created by combining 1 common carrot with 8 gold nuggets . The carrots can be found in the cities they come from grown or sometimes they are “released” by zombies losers. The gold nuggets they can be obtained by defeating the zombie Pigs found in the Nether .

Beyond that, you will need 1 Fermented Spider Eye which is created by combining 1 brown mushroom , 1 unit of sugar And 1 Spider Eye . THE mushrooms can be found in shady areas (or even in caves), while the Sugar It is produced with 1 unit of sugar cane found on the game map.

Finally, you will need 1 unit of Fire Powder . The latter is obtained by inserting 1 unit of cane from Blaze that I illustrated earlier, inside a bench from Work .

These are the materials needed to create one 3 minute invisibility potion in Survival mode of Minecraft. However, in case you want to create one extended potion or for a duration of 8 minutes, you will also have to recover 1 unit of powder from Red Rock which you can get from 1 unit of red stone block . The latter can be found by breaking the block with the peak or the diamond or the Witch defeat, a very rare enemy to be found in the game.

In short, as you have probably noticed, it may not be very easy to find all the materials needed to create the invisibility potion in Minecraft survival mode. For this reason I recommend that you also refer to a practical tool. I mean Minesearch A portal that implements all the instructions needed to create the elements within the Mojang title.

To take advantage of this possibility, simply connect to MineSearch, type in search bar (located at the top right) the object name of you need and select the result most relevant.

This way the portal will show you the combination of objects required to make the item you need. In short, following my instructions and “leaning” on this tool, you should not have particular problems finding all the objects even in survival mode.

How to make the invisible potion in Minecraft

After having explained the necessary elements, it is time to take concrete action and create the invisibility potion . If you want to do everything quickly and avoid possible mistakes, you can think about following the procedure in creative mode of minecraft .

The first thing you need to do is take the Blister and get close to any water source . This way, by interacting with a block of water while your character is holding the vial, you will get the water blister which is the basic building block of practically all Minecraft potions.

At this point, place a still on the floor.

Then interact with it and place it 1 vial of water in the lower left block, 1 Nether wart in the upper block e 1 unit of fire dust in the upper left block. Once the arrow present on the right, your object will have become a strange potion .

At this point, place the golden carrot in the block above and wait for the element to become a potion for night vision .

Now is the time to make a decision. If you want to get the extended potion, you put 1 unit of redstone powder on the block above and get the extended night vision potion (from 8 minutes). If not, you can move on to the next step.

Now, place the Fermented Spider Eye And there you have it: you have the game. Invisibility potion (extended or not).

After using it, you will see in the upper right corner of the invisibility icon the minutes corresponding to the potion you created, which are 3 minutes in the case of the “standard” potion e 8 minutes if you use the extended one, made with red stone powder.

Perfect, now you know everything there is to know about the invisibility potion within Minecraft. Since you are a fan of the Mojang title, I also recommend that you visit the Minecraft page of my site, where you can find countless tutorials that may be useful to you.

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