How to make your heart with the keypad on your mobile

How to make your heart with the keypad on your mobile

You have recently approached the world of technology and finally you have also bought your first mobile phone. You are already starting to let go and have no difficulty writing to your friends, surfing the Internet and performing other basic operations.

But now you have found a small-big hitch: you would like to know how to make heart with cellphone keypad why not find this symbol (or rather, this emoji, among the characters you see on the screen in WhatsApp and in the other messaging solutions you use to communicate with others).

Don’t worry: if you want, I’m here to help you. In the following paragraphs of this guide, in fact, I will explain how to make the heart with the mobile phone keyboard using the emojis included in Android and iOS. After that, if you are interested, I will provide you with instructions that will be useful for you to be able to create a heart using old emoticons, ASCII codes or, again, create compositions of heart-shaped emoji.

So can you know what you keep doing there still? Courage: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the following paragraphs and, above all, follow the instructions that I will give you step by step. I have nothing else to do, except wish you good reading and, above all, have fun!

How to make heart with Android cellphone keyboard

If you have a cell phone available android know that make heart with keyboard it’s not complicated at all: just press any field where text is typed (for example that of a messaging app or a text document), access the emoji keyboard and touch one of those that represent a heart. Let me explain in detail how to do this.

To get started, start the application you are interested in (eg. Whatsapp , Messages etc.), tap the writing field present inside and press the button to access the emoji keyboard (generally one is represented inside with the icon of emoticon face and is located at the bottom left or bottom right).

At this point, you should spot the heart emoji. To do this, keep in mind that the vast majority of keyboards for Android (and not only) organize emojis by theme: there are those that refer to nature, objects, daily activities, etc.

Usually the section where the heart emojis are present is the one that includes the moods (and is usually represented by a smiley face ): press, then, on the button that represents it, scroll the set of emoji that is proposed to you, locate the symbol of the heart which you prefer (for example, the Red heart el broken heart el colorful heart el heart beating etc.) and that’s it.

Unfortunately, I can’t be very precise in giving you directions for identifying the section of the keyboard that includes the heart emoji (as this depends on the keyboard you are using).

How to make heart with the iPhone keyboard

You want to know how the heart is made with the iPhone keyboard ? In this case, know that what was said in the chapter on Android applies: you must first activate the iOS keyboard, go to the emoji keyboard and then select the symbol representing the heart, among those available.

First, therefore, start the application of your interest (eg. Whatsapp , telegram , Note etc.), tap the field of writing that you find inside and press the button to access the emoji keyboard or the icon of the smiley that yes located in the lower left corner of the screen.

In the new section of the keyboard that appears, press the button Symbols located at the bottom right (the icon representing the musical note with the symbol y y % ) and select one of the heart symbols among those available: the Red heart, el colorful heart, el heart with bow, el broken heart etc.

Alternatively, if you have updated your iPhone to iOS 10 or later, you can get to the heart with the keyboard set by default on iPhone simply by typing the word » heart »And then touching one of the symbols on the right. Easier than that?

Note: if you have disabled the emoji keyboard on iPhone and therefore cannot follow the directions I gave you in the previous lines, go to the menu Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards> Add New Keyboard… and select the article emoji from the screen that contains the list of available keyboards.

Other useful solutions to make heart on the phone.

If you want, there are also other useful solutions to make heart on the phone . In the following lines, for example, I’ll explain how to do this using a text symbol, ASCII characters, and applications that allow you to use heart-shaped emoji compositions. Have a good time!

Heart emoticon

A fairly simple and immediate way to represent the heart with the mobile phone keypad is to use the emoticon of who represents it, that is <3 . If you notice it, by turning the symbol in question to the left by 90 °, it looks like a heart! Have you noticed that there are also people who use the following way to express love or hearts: (L). Yes. An L in parentheses. L for LOVE, love in English. How romantic!

ASCII characters

You can also use ASCII characters In other words, writing characters that can have various shapes (including heart) can be a great way to insert this symbol into your personal messages and / or notes. To use it all you have to do is copy the ASCII character of the heart from the bottom and paste it freely in the text field of the application of your interest.

❥ ♥ ❤

Heart shaped emoji compositions.

If you came to this guide with the aim of creating heart shaped emoji compositions I guarantee you that you can do this using ad hoc applications which are quite simple to use.

One of the best is ai.EmojiArtFunBox , available for free for both Android and iOS. Just a little clarification before I show you how it works. Please note that the emoji appearance may not be as shown in the application, as their design varies depending on the operating system and version of the same in use.

After downloading and launching ai.EmojiArtFunBox on your mobile, read the tutorial that appears at startup to understand its general operation and then tap the button Start to start using it. Then press the button category and play the voice Love and romance from the menu that opens, to access the gallery that contains the heart-shaped emoji compositions.

When you find the one you like best, click on the button copy (the icon of the two leaves you located at the bottom right), open the application in which you want to paste the emoji composition of your interest and paste it (by making a long tap on the text field of the application of your interest and selecting the item Capture from the menu that opens).

So far the little tutorial on c How the heart is made with the mobile phone keypad.

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