How to print double-sided using any printer

How to print double-sided using any printer

Double-sided printing is an easy move. Reduce printer power consumption and save on paper, which ultimately saves trees. Plus, if you’re printing a large project, you only need to carry about half the weight.

While there are many benefits to printing double-sided projects, it’s not the default setting on your PC. Fortunately, Windows offers users the ability to set up duplex printing in two different ways. You can select duplex printing for each job in the print window settings or set duplex printing as the default device preference via the Settings app on your Windows PC.

Not all printers have duplex printing capabilities, so you’ll need to check your printer manual or contact your printer manufacturer to make sure you can print duplex. If your printer doesn’t have duplex printing capabilities, you won’t see the option to adjust it.

If you already know that duplex printing is available on your printing device, here’s how to do it on a Windows PC.

How to print on both sides of a single print job on a Windows PC

1. Open the document you want to print and select “File”.

2. Choose “Print”.

3. In the print menu, click on the hyperlink that says “More Settings”.

4. In the window that appears, click the “Print on both sides” drop-down menu.

  • Note: Depending on the Windows operating system, printer and program you are working with, you may have the option “Print on both sides” or “Manually print on both sides”.

5. If available, choose one of the “duplex printing” options. “Turn Long Edge” means the pages will turn like a book – “Turn Short Edge” means they will turn like a notepad.

6. Select “OK”.

7. Click on “Print”.

How to set duplex printing as the default on a Windows PC

1. Click on the “Start” button.

2. Scroll until you see the “Settings” app, then select it.

3. Choose “Devices”.

4. Click on “Printers and Scanners”.

5. Select the printing device you plan to use.

6. Click on the “Manage” or “Manage your device” option from the drop-down menu that appears.

7. Select the “Printing Preferences” link from the left column.

8. A dialog box should appear. Select the “Print Shortcut” tab.

9. If your printer has a duplex unit and can automatically print on both sides, select “Duplex 2-Sided Printing” from the “Print Shortcuts” box.

10. If you need to manually feed paper into the printer to print on both sides, select “User Specified Print Settings”.

11. Select the “Print on both sides manually” drop-down menu and choose between “Flip long edge” or “Flip short edge”.

12. Click “Apply”.

13. Choose “Save”.

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