How to raise your hand in Google Meet

How to raise your hand in Google Meet

Google Meet has recently gained importance as a competitor to Zoom. It includes many of the same features but eliminates the time limits provided by the free version of Zoom. More recently, Google Meet introduced the Raise Your Hand feature, which allows you to be called as if you were in a classroom.

Raise Hand is currently not available in the free version. Make sure to check which version of Google Meet you have before trying this guide.

How to raise a hand in Google Meet

1. After joining a Google meeting, swipe to the bottom of the screen (if using a desktop) or tap the screen (if using a mobile device).

2. Tap or click “Raise Hand” to raise your hand. Once you’ve done this, all other Google Meeting members will get a notification that your hand has been raised and you want to join.

raise your hand on google meet

3. To lower your hand, repeat the first step and click or tap “Lower your hand”.

If you are the moderator of the meeting, you can also lower the hand of the other participants to moderate the discussion. Go to “People” in the upper right corner of the screen, next to the icon that looks like a couple of people. From there, browse the menu until you find “Hands up”. This section allows you to lower the hand of individual attendees or lower the hand of all attendees at the same time, which can be useful depending on the type of meeting you’re hosting.

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