How to record the screen on your iPad and edit the video later

How to record the screen on your iPad and edit the video later

Just like the iPhone, every iPad allows you to record the screen. This is great if you’re making a video tutorial demonstrating how to use an app, documenting a bug for technical support, or showing your winning move in a game.

To record the screen on your iPad, you need to enable it first, then tap the record button in Control Center. After that, you can start and stop the video at any time.

Enable screen recording on your iPad

1. Launch the Settings app and scroll down to tap “Control Center”.

2. Tap “Customize Controls”.

3. You will be shown a list of Control Center functions. If there is a green plus sign next to “Screen Recording”, tap it. If it has a red minus sign, leave it alone, it means it’s already enabled.

register 1

How to record screen on an iPad

1. When you’re ready to record, open Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen.

2. Tap the record button, which is a circle with a dot inside it. You should see the circle turn into a three-second countdown, then turn red to indicate it’s recording. You can use the countdown to close the Control Center.

After the recording begins, you will see a small recording indicator at the top of the screen (and yes, this will also appear in the recording).

register 2

If you hold the record button, you can also turn on the microphone to narrate the screen recording or choose an app to automatically send the video to when finished.

record 3

3. When you’re ready to stop recording, tap the recording indicator and then tap “Stop”. You can also open the Control Center and tap the register button again.

Find and edit your iPad screen recordings

When finished, the iPad screen recording will appear in the camera roll. To see it, open the Photos app and it should be the most recent item.

You can share the video like any other or edit it, for example you may want to trim the start and end so that people don’t see you in Control Center.

1. Tap the video in the Photos app to open it, then select “Edit”.

2. At the bottom of the screen in the video timeline, tap the arrow on the leftmost edge and drag it to the right until you’ve trimmed enough footage. As it shrinks, the entire frame will turn yellow.

3. Repeat this for the end of the video, dragging the arrow on the left side of the video timeline to the right. You can press play at any time to make sure you like the change.

4. Tap “Done,” then tap “Save as New Clip” or just “Save Video” to overwrite the original.

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