How to run Gravity and other Google games on smartphones

How to run Gravity and other Google games on smartphones

There are many things Google can do, just to entertain its audience. But many of us don’t know these things. Mr. Doob has introduced some fun original Google interfaces that his visitors can contemplate. Mr. Doob created many of these web-based programs and the Google sphere is part of them. Do you remember? When Endgame was released, Google introduced a Thanos click that would delete half of Google’s content for some time. That too was part of Google’s cheerful nature.

However, we are back to the question of how to do the Google Gravity trick on your smartphone. Follow the simple and short steps to perform this trick on your phone.

Step 1

Open the web browser you are using on your phone, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or any other you prefer.
Step 2

When the browser is open, type into the URL panel located at the top of the browser. Remember, there is no shortcut to this; then you have to reach the Google search engine home page.

Step 3

When the Google home page is open on your smart devices, type ‘google Gravity’ in the search panel. Don’t click the search button immediately.

Step 4

Instead of clicking on the search button, click on the button that says I’m feeling lucky as soon as you do this you’ll see that the Google Gravity cheat has been activated.

Step 5

Spend your time playing with the fun elements and accessing the other option directly from that screen.

What’s the trick of Google’s gravity and will it damage your device?

The gravity trick in Google is one of the many tricks that Google can perform. This is a web application that takes control of the Google home page. This application will allow you to see contents such as the search bar, other options, buttons, languages, etc. falling off the screen. In short, everything you see on Google will appear to fall due to gravitational pull.

These programs were created so that people who visit google can have some fun. Google allows its viewers to carry out numerous intellectual activities such as searching for critical data on the Internet, academic papers, places, etc. So, it’s only fitting that a young company like Google allows its audience to have fun and interact with Google. These applications keep you busy as you try to figure out what’s going on or if the interface is damaged.

No, these web programs will not harm your phone in any way. Since Google approves them, they are safe for use. Many children are the first to discover this kind of thing. They later use it as a joke on their parents or siblings.

What are the other web programs offered by Google?

Google offers you many web programs directly on the home page. These programs are safe and you can use them whenever you want.

1. Google Anti Gravity

Google’s antigravity trick will make all Google elements float on your screen. This is definitely a fun trick for people to check out how arcade style makes things interesting. To activate this program, you need to follow the same steps you did for the Google Gravity trick. You only need to make one change to what you type in the search bar. In place of “Google Gravity”, write “Google antigravity”.

2. Google Zero Gravity

Google elements in zero gravity mode will appear reversed. As if all the elements had turned upside down. Also to activate this program, you have to follow the same steps. So again, you need to make sure you type “google zero gravity” before clicking I’m feeling lucky.

3. Google underwater

Underwater, as the name suggests, is an interface that takes you under the sea. Here you can add more fish to your screen. Also, you can see the search bar floating on the water and “Google” as a mirror image. The steps for activating this program are the same, just type “google underwater” before activation.

4. Google sphere

This interface will allow you to see the Google elements represented in a spherical way. Just like the other programs, this one has the same steps and the same “Google sphere” as the search word.

5. Google takes a hit.

A full roll that goes from the top left corner to the bottom right corner, Google will make a 360 ° turn. Similarly, here follow the same steps, type “Google do a barrel roll” and watch.


It’s no fun watching Google perform tricks; these are the pro of social media ; they can engage people through simple things.

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