How to see liked posts on Instagram

How to see liked posts on Instagram

Instagram is one of the popular social media apps where you can upload and share photos and videos with people from all over the world. Like other social media apps, it allows users to follow other people, like and comment on other posts on both mobile and desktop devices.

Like Facebook, Instagram also saves a history of all your liked posts within the app. The save feature allows you to keep posts and videos for future reference. Plus, it’s an easy way to unlike some past posts that you’re no longer aligned with. Wondering how to view the posts you liked on Instagram? Go to the guide to find the answer.

How to see liked posts on Instagram

You can view the posts you like on Instagram using the app on your smartphone or the web version on PC browsers.

  • Using the smartphone
  • Using the desktop

Steps to view liked Instagram posts on mobile app

[1] Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.

[2] Touch the icon of the profile in the upper right corner of the app screen (iPhone – in the lower right corner).

[3] Click on the icon of the hamburger top right.

Instagram hamburger icon

[4] Select Settings .

Instagram settings

[5] Select the menu Account and tap the option named Posts you liked .

select the posts you liked

[6] You can now view all the posts you’ve recently liked on Instagram in a grid layout. You can also switch to the full layout.

Steps to view liked Instagram posts on desktop

[1] Visit the Instagram site on your web browser e sign in to your account.

[2] Click on 3 horizontal points at the top right of the screen.

View your favorite Instagram posts on your desktop

[3] You can now view all of your likes in a grid view. To view more posts, click the button Upload others at the bottom of the web page.

Steps to view liked Instagram posts on desktop

How to differentiate posts on Instagram

If you accidentally liked unwanted posts, you can remove them whenever you want.


  • Go to the screen Post liked.
  • Select the one you want to give up.
  • Double tap the screen for dislike.
Unlike Instagram posts

Alternatively, you can open a specific Instagram post and click the heart icon for dislike.


  • Go to the Mi section pleases .
  • Long press on the posts you don’t want to like and click Otherwise .

These are the two ways to view the posts you like on Instagram. It is a useful function to know and differentiate the posts that you have liked by mistake.

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