How to send a private message on Google Meet

How to send a private message on Google Meet

Google Meet has become a popular video conferencing platform thanks to its countless features and integration with existing Google services such as Hangouts and Gmail.

Meet lets you view multiple attendees at once, present windows and applications, switch cameras, and even chat with meeting attendees. The chat, however, is public and may not be the ideal place to discuss internal matters.

So can you send someone private messages during a meeting? Let’s find out!

Can you send private messages in Google Meet?

No. You can’t send private messages during meetings in Google Meet. While other services offer this option, they are more focused on personal chats and casual meetings.

Google Meet caters to educational institutions and organizations, which means that private chats and the ability to converse in a meeting are generally harmful. So this functionality was not added to Google Meet.

How can you contact someone from a Google Meet meeting?

As you may have guessed, there is no way to contact someone during meetings other than by using public chat. Your emails and other contact information will be hidden from all meeting members, except the administrator and the meeting organizer.

So you’re basically left with two options, you can ask for the person’s contact information by yourself in the public chat or get the contact information via the meeting organizer or admin.

Also, if the person you want to contact works in the same organization as you, chances are you can also contact them through your organization.

Can you mention or tag someone in chat?

Unfortunately, public chat during meetings does not have this option. However, if you use Hangouts or Google Chat, you can prefix the person’s public name with the “@” prefix to mention them in the chat. For now, it’s not possible to tag or mention someone in public chat during Meet meetings.

We hope this guide has helped shed some light on sending private messages in Google Meet. If you have any other issues or have any other questions for us, please feel free to contact us using the comments below.

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