How to set up IPTV Extreme

How to set up IPTV Extreme

Have you heard of IPTV Extreme and are looking for ways to set it up on your Android? You are in the right place. This article is made especially for you. But before we see how to set up, let’s talk about IPTV.

First of all you should know that IPTV is IP TV. Basically it is a form of television broadcasting over a network that uses the Internet. IPTV = Internet protocol television. It’s that simple.

And what is Extreme doing in there? Bah, the application developers wanted to prove that their IPTV application is the best. And apparently they were right to call it IPTV Extreme.

IPTV uses the same infrastructure as Internet access, but with reserved bandwidth. In France, IPTV is often provided with the broadband Internet subscription offer. Suppliers talk about an offer triple play (Internet, telephony, television).

How to Configure IPTV Extreme

Finally the long awaited moment! How to set up IPTV Extreme. As I said above, it’s easy. You don’t have to be Mr. Robot or Mac Gyver to set this up. Here are the steps:

# 1. Install the IPTV Extreme app from Play Store or click the link below.

[appbox googleplay com.pecana.iptvextreme & hl = it]

# 2. Launch the application after the installation is complete. Go to the menu at the top right (Les 3 p’tits point) then click on: Playlist or reading file.

# 3. Then click add playlist (or add playlist)

# 4. Then click on XTREAM CODE PORTAL and enter the connection information in the form

# 5. Fill out your information on this form

Just to give you an example:

Name: Mega

Server URL:

Username: your-username

Password: your-password

you can find your PASSWORD and ID on the link of your m3u file. Example: http: //……./get.php? Username = username and password = password and type = m3u and output = ts

# 6. Click Ok.

Well, here’s the end of the setup, but we’re not done yet.

Important information:

For EPGs, they will be loaded automatically, otherwise go to the top right menu (the 3 dots), then click on Force Download EPG.

Advantages of IPTV Extreme

With IPTV Extreme you can watch TV on your smartphone without any problems. All you have to do is download a channel list and sync it with your TV. You can access so many TV channels that it can get you tired.

In the end, you either always look at the same thing or nothing at all. Or download the content that interests you the most. What if you have a TV in your pocket with all your favorite channels at your fingertips?

Well, if that interests you, I don’t see why you shouldn’t use IPTV Extreme. This app of Paolo Turatti for Android that will allow you to watch the television you want.

Use your list IPTV to watch your TV channels. You can download the latest version of this application completely free from the Play Store. Until then the game is simple, because the app is empty. It is just a TV channel player, which you will have to look for on your side.

How to successfully watch TV channels. To watch TV with IPTV Extreme, you should look for a provider IPTV on Google or between specialized forums. From there, you can create different playlists or playlists with different channel selections.

You can upload the ones you like the most to the app and avoid the ones you don’t care at all in seconds. And once that’s chosen, syncing is quick and convenient.

If your kids prick your phone to play, IPTV Extreme includes parental controls and allows you to set a PIN code so that no one can access your channel list.


For people who are a little bit zarbi and who wish to have more power, here are the solutions for you. You can download modified IPTV Extreme apps as apk iptv extreme pro or iptv extreme pro apk cracked . If you wish, you can also download IPTV Extreme Windows.

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