How to speed up downloads with aTube Catcher

How to speed up downloads with aTube Catcher

Imagine putting something to download using the program, and while you have a lot of bandwidth, it doesn’t go as fast as it should. Let’s see how to fix it

To speed up your downloads with aTube Catcher, open the program and, in the tab Downloader click Settings :

Access to aTube Catcher settings

In the window that opens, make sure that Enable turbo download is ticked:

Turbo mode enabled

This option is usually always selected by default, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on it just in case.

Then, to the right of this option, in the section Active downloads change the default to 1 :

Active downloads limited to 1

In addition to these measures, you may also take an additional course of action. To do this, with aTube Catcher open, right-click anywhere on the taskbar and from the menu that appears, select Task Manager :

Access to the task manager

Search and locate aTube Catcher in the application list below:

aTube Catcher in the task manager

Right-click on it, then click Go to details :

Access to process details

aTube Catcher will be automatically selected when you reach that tab. Right-click on it and drag the mouse over Set priority . In the menu that appears, select High :

Changing the priority of the process

In this way we will ensure that Windows dedicates more resources to aTube Catcher and, therefore, will reserve more bandwidth to manage the downloads we make with the program.

As you can see, if you follow the steps we show you in this little guide, you shouldn’t have any problem speeding up the speed of your aTube Catcher downloads. It is a very simple process to perform and does not involve any difficulties.

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