How to sync Nintendo Switch controllers with your console

How to sync Nintendo Switch controllers with your console

When it comes to Nintendo Switch games, the more the better. The multiplayer game only enhances the fun, especially when you and your friends or family are playing together in the same room.

A Switch console can support up to eight controllers connected simultaneously. That means four pairs of Joy-Cons (or eight if you’re playing them individually) and up to two controller hubs (each supporting four controllers, again adding up to eight).

Once you have the controllers, here’s how to sync them.

How to sync a Nintendo Switch controller with your console

The best way to pair a Nintendo Switch controller will depend on the type of controller you have.

The easiest way to sync a pair of Joy-Con controllers to a Nintendo Switch is to simply slide them onto the physical console. The left and right Joy-Con controller will then be connected to that Nintendo Switch until it is affixed to a different console or until the remote pairing steps below are followed.

You can also sync a Pro Controller by connecting it to your Switch’s dock with a USB-C cable.

To pair controllers remotely:

1. From the Switch home page, scroll down to the “Controller” tab (it looks like a single gray Joy-Con) and click on it.


2. Select “Change grip / order”.


3. If you’re trying to pair a new controller or Joy-Con, press and hold its SYNC button (a small circular button, usually at the top) for about five seconds before moving on to the next steps.


4. If you wish to use a Joy-Con (or multiple Joy-Cons) as an individual controller, pull it out of the Switch and press both side buttons at the same time – they are labeled “SL” and “SR”. . ” It may take some pressure for the Switch to recognize them.

5. If you want to use two Joy-Cons as one controller, press the side buttons on each Joy-Con at the same time. They are labeled “ZL” and “ZR”. You can add up to four Joy-Con pairs.

Nintendo Switch (Joy-Con)

6. If you want to pair a Pro Controller, press the side buttons “ZL” and “ZR” at the same time.

If a controller that worked before doesn’t sync, press the SYNC button anyway (again, the little circular button). Your Switch may have forgotten the controller and needs to be remembered again.

If you’re using a controller hub, simply plug the hub into your Switch’s dock via USB and plug the controllers into the hub. They should work automatically.

Nintendo Switch Nyko Gamecube Controller Hub

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