How to track your steps on an Apple Watch

How to track your steps on an Apple Watch

If you like to track your step count, the Apple Watch is one of the most convenient and accurate ways to do it.

You can track your steps directly on your Apple Watch via the Fitness app, the Fitness app, or the Health app for iPhone. If you want to see the number of steps you’ve taken each day without having to tap the Fitness app on your Apple Watch, you can add a pedometer complication to your watch face. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to track steps on Apple Watch

While the Activity app doesn’t show this upfront, it’s counting the steps and you can check the number at any time.

1. Open the Fitness app on your Apple Watch. Its icon has three red, green, and blue concentric circles on it.

2. Scroll down by rotating the digital crown or swiping up on the watch face to view your total step count for the day. You can also view your movements, exercises and progress on your feet for the day as a percentage; how you progressed in each of the rings during each hour of the day; your total distance; and ascended flights of stairs.

Apple Watch screenshot highlighting total steps in the Fitness app

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and tap Weekly summary to see your progress during the current week, including the total number of steps you have taken so far.

How to track Apple Watch steps on iPhone

1. Open the Fitness app on your iPhone.

2. Tap the Summary tab . Scroll down to the section Trends to see your average numbers for Movement, Standing Position, Distance and more. Touch Show more to view more information.

IPhone screenshot highlighting the Trends section in the Fitness app

How to see the steps on the Apple Watch face

1. Download Pedometer ++ .

2. Open the Watch app on iPhone.

3. In My Watch tab tap the watch face to which you want to add the pedometer complication.

IPhone screenshot highlighting the activity dial in the Watch app

4. In Complications tap to select a location for the pedometer complication.

IPhone screenshot highlighting complications on the face of activities

5. Touch to select the specific information you want to appear on the Apple Watch face.

IPhone screenshot highlighting pedometer complication options

Choose from just steps, steps and distance and more.

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