How to uninstall aTube Catcher

How to uninstall aTube Catcher

The uninstallation process of aTube Catcher is very simple and straightforward, but it varies depending on the version of Windows you are using

There are two different methods to uninstall aTube Catcher, as you will see below.

How to uninstall aTube Catcher in Windows 10

First, click on the Start menu, then click on the cogwheel to access the Windows options:

Start menuIn the menu that appears, click on App :

Windows settingsStay in the tab where we landed ( App and features ). On the right side of the screen, we will find a text field:

Program settingsProgram settings

There we write aTube Catcher and it will appear just below. If we click on it, we will see two buttons appear. click on Uninstall :

aTube Catcher in the program settingsA message will appear telling us that the program will be uninstalled and it will do it automatically for us, without us having to do anything else.

How to uninstall aTube Catcher if you don’t have Windows 10

Open the Windows Control Panel, see the section Programs and click Uninstall a program :

Windows Control PanelIn the list of software that will appear, search for aTube Catcher and select it. Then, click the button Uninstall at the top of the window:

aTube Catcher in the Windows Control PanelA message will appear asking us if we want to uninstall aTube Catcher. click on Yup :

Notification about uninstalling aTube CatcherNotification about uninstalling aTube Catcher

The program will be automatically uninstalled from our PC. This method is similar to Windows 10, but in previous versions (Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1) it is not possible to uninstall it any other way.

It is worth mentioning that aTube Catcher is the preferred option by many users to download videos from YouTube in a variety of formats, just paste the URL of one of these videos into the program and it will download it to our PC. It is one of those essential programs that should never be missing.

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