How to unlock TikTok secret emoji codes

How to unlock TikTok secret emoji codes

TikTok is not just about sharing creative content, but also about collaborating, commenting and engaging in a unique community. To do this effectively, you should know how to communicate in TikTik’s secret language: a series of hidden emojis that you can “unlock” using special shortcodes.

Some of these emojis, emoticons, or stickers are similar to the familiar emojis you already use on other platforms, but others are unique to TikTok.

How to insert hidden TikTok emojis

When making a comment on TikTok, you simply type the secret code word you are using inside two square brackets. So, for example, [angelo].

the word "angel" enclosed in square brackets

Make sure you use square brackets instead of curved versions. Then, your secret word will automatically turn into a secret emoji.

Why would you want to use TikTok’s hidden emoji?

There are two main benefits of using TikTok’s hidden emojis. The first is that it will make you look like a TikTok insider expert, versed in the platform’s secret language.

A series of various TikTok emojis followed by a series of standard emojis

The second is that, unlike native system emojis on iOS, Android, or Microsoft, TikTok’s hidden emojis appear in exactly the same visual style across all operating systems and devices, so there’s no ambiguity on theirs. meaning.

A complete list of all hidden TikTok emojis

There are currently 46 hidden TikTok emojis. Here is a complete list of TikTok secret emojis you can unlock right now.

[angel], [angry], [astonish]

hidden TikTok emoji: angel, angry, astonish

[awkward], [blink], [complacent]

hidden TikTok emoji: awkward, blink, complacent

[cool], [cry], [cute]

hidden TikTok emoji: cool, cry, cute

[disdain], [drool], [embarrassed]

hidden TikTok emoji: disdain, drool, embarrassed

[evil], [excited], [facewithrollingeyes]

hidden emoji: evil, excited, face with rolling eyes

[flushed], [funnyface], [greedy]

hidden TikTok emoji: flushed, funnyface, greedy

[happy], [hehe], [joyful]

hidden TikTok emoji: happy, hehe, joyful

[laugh], [laughwithtears], [loveface]

hidden emoji: laugh, laugh with tears, love face

[lovely], [nap], [pride]

hidden TikTok emoji: lovely, nap, pride

[proud], [rage], [scream]

hidden TikTok emoji: proud, rage, scream

[shock], [shout], [slap]

hidden TikTok emoji: shout, shock, slap

[smile], [smileface], [speechless]

hidden TikTok emoji: smile, smileface, speechless

[stun], [sulk], [surprised]

hidden TikTok emoji: stun, sulk, surprised

[tears], [thinking], [weep]

hidden emoji: tears, thinking, weep

[wicked], [wow], [wronged], [yummy]

hidden emoji: wicked, wow, wronged, yummy

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