How to use Dubsmash, the lip sync app

How to use Dubsmash, the lip sync app

Have you ever wondered how celebrities like Kevin Hart , Cara Delevigne And the Kardashian sisters create their own perfectly synchronized lip sync videos? They all use an app called Dubsmashan app that lets you record videos of yourself by lip syncing with audio clips ranging from pop songs, to popular movie lines, to viral YouTube videos.

More than 3 million posts were uploaded to Instagram using the #Dubsmash hashtag, some of them from celebrities.

Check out Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara using the app to dub one YouTube edit inspired by the goats of Taylor Swift’s hit song “Trouble”.

Unlike other social media apps, Dubs are not shared within the app itself. Instead, users can send them as messages to friends and upload them as videos on a number of platforms, such as Vine, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

How to use Dubsmash

First, open the app (iOs, Android) and select the audio you want to use for the video. You will see many trending categories, such as “Chick Flicks”, “Popular TV” and “Rap”.

For my video, I have selected the “Chick Flicks” category.



Next, you will see a list of different audio clips. Tap the play icon on the left side of each title to listen to the clip.

dubsmash lip sync app

Once you’ve decided on the perfect clip, tap the title once. I chose “Wednesday we wear pink”, a notorious phrase from the 2004 film ” Mean Girls “.



This is where you will record your video. Stand in front of the camera and get ready to film.

When you are ready, tap the “Start” button at the bottom of the screen to get started. You can use the audio waves at the top of the screen as a guide to perfectly sync the recording.

Once the recording is complete, the app will play your Dub. If you don’t understand correctly, tap the “X” in the upper left corner to try again.

If you are satisfied with your work, tap the “Next” button to share your creation.

This will give you several options for sharing your Dub. You can send Dubs to your friends via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or as text messages.

I chose “Save to Camera Roll”, so I can upload my Dub as Vine.


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