How to use Google Chrome Password Manager

How to use Google Chrome Password Manager

Among its features, Google Chrome has a password manager that creates a password store for your profiles on various websites. You can add, delete and change passwords in your manager, allowing you to use secure and unique passwords without having to rely on your memory by entering them yourself.

How to add passwords in Google Chrome password manager

When you log into your Google account on the Chrome browser, Chrome will ask you if you want to save your password when you log into a website that asks for your login credentials. After clicking Save in the pop-up window, the username and password are saved in the Chrome browser. In the search bar, you can click Preview (the eye icon) to see which password you are saving. If the username is incorrect or blank, enter the username associated with that particular site. You can also change your password in the password text box.

How to view, change or delete Google Chrome passwords

Your usernames and passwords are compiled into a single list, which allows Chrome to automatically populate saved information on the websites you choose. Logging in will allow you to change and delete passwords.

1. On your Chrome browser, click icon of your profile .

2. In the drop-down menu, click Password (represented by the key icon).

google chrome password manager

3. A new tab will open showing a list of sites and passwords.

To view: next to the website and username, the password will be hidden. click on Show password (the eye icon) to view them.

To modify: on the far right of the password, is the icon with three vertical dots and click Change Password.

To delete: do click the icon with three vertical points and click Remove to delete the password.

google chrome password manager

How to export Google Chrome passwords

If you choose to use a password manager other than Google’s, you have the option to export all your login information to the other service from the same page illustrated in the previous section.

1. Far right of Saved passwords, click icon with three vertical dots .

2. click on Export password …

3. A pop-up window indicating that your passwords will be visible to people who see the exported file. click on Export password …

google chrome password manager

4. Enter a name for the file and where you want to find it, then do click up Save .

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