How to use Google Translate to translate Office documents

How to use Google Translate to translate Office documents

Google Translate is available as a website, mobile app, and feature built into Google Docs. But you can also use the online version to translate external documents saved on your computer.

Maybe you didn’t know though that the Google Translate web page also supports Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. After choosing the source and target language, you indicate the file you want to translate and Google takes care of the rest. Let’s see how it works.

Open the Google Translate web page in your browser. Click the current source and target languages ​​if you need to change them. Click the down arrow to access the full language selection. You can also set the source language to be detected automatically, but you can get more accurate results by specifying the language ( Figure A ).

Figure A


After that, you can simply copy and paste the text you want to translate into the window for the source language. But the idea here is to translate an entire document. Click the Documents button and then select the option for Browse my computer. You can choose from several Microsoft Office file types, including .doc, .docx, .odf, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .ps, .rtf, .txt, .xls, and .xlsx ( Figure B ).

Figure B

automatic translation

Select the document you want to translate. Let’s try a Word document in this case. Then click the Translate button ( Figure C ).

Figure C


The translated version appears on the website. To compare the translation with the original text, hover your mouse over each paragraph. A small window appears showing the text in the source language ( Figure D ).

Figure D


If you are familiar with the target language and believe that the translation contains some errors, click the link for Contribute to a better translation. You can then correct any words in the translation that are inaccurate ( Figure E ).

Figure E

translate office documents

To translate another file, click the back arrow to return to the Google Translate site. Click the Browse my computer button to select a different file, perhaps an Excel spreadsheet. Then click the Translate button. The translated spreadsheet is displayed. Again, hover over any translated paragraph to see the original text ( Figure F ).

Figure F


Finally, try translating a PowerPoint presentation. Open the file on the Google Translate site and click the Translate button. The text of the file is displayed in the translated language. Hover the mouse over a translated section to compare it with the source language ( Figure G ).

Figure G

translate word excel

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